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About Marianne

Human rights and advocacy

Marianne has tremendous interpersonal skills, empathy and a great mind. She has an extraordinary mix of skills and abilities.
Rosslyn Noonan, Chief Human Rights Commissioner, New Zealand

Marianne has an excellent grasp of human rights issues so is quickly able to cotton on to any work in the area, including work of significant complexity. She can synthesise information effectively and write credibly and persuasively. As well as being highly personable she is entirely reliable in terms of deadlines and communication of progress.
Susan Freeman-Greene, Former Strategic Policy Manager, NZ Human Rights Commission

Marianne’s work was consistently of exceptional quality and demonstrated complete dedication and commitment. She is a top calibre human rights professional … making her a valuable asset in integrated missions with multi-faceted mandates. She is a sensitive co-worker and an effective team-player, and has a proven capacity for leadership in extremely stressful environments.
Roque Raymundo, Acting Head of Human Rights Unit, UNAMA, December 2007


Marianne, I found last night’s session incredibly uplifting. Listening to all the vision statements was a highlight, but having a good laugh at the inner critic was also immensely helpful. This programme is inspiring and hopeful because it makes these beautiful visions feel completely achievable. How much better the world will be when they are realized!
Lynda, Off the Mat participant Jan 2010

Marianne has something that I would call compassionate clarity – the ability to see and approach different situations with a powerful balance of rational, organised thought and an open, loving attitude.
Christine Mason Miller, Artist


I wanted to drop you a line to tell you of the huge value I got out of [our session], and congratulate you for facilitating it with such grace, humour, care and openness. It’s a brave thing to do, to encourage others to delve into the deep stuff – even with people that you’re familiar with – and yet I couldn’t feel safer or more supported within the loving space you’d created.
Lindsay, Off the Mat participant Jan 2010

Just wanted to say thank you for organising the OTM course. The first day was absolutely brilliant. I felt privileged to be in he room with all of you. It was such a wonderful feeling of sangha. In my opinion, you are a humble and wise leader. For me your presence was grounding, encouraging and nourishing. I aspire to embody some of the qualities you seem to radiate with such ease. It is an honour to know you.
Kelly – yoga teacher and Off the Mat participant, Jan 2010

Project Management/Strategic Planning

The [New Zealand Action Plan for Human Rights] will make a valuable contribution to the discourse about human rights in New Zealand. Special thanks must go to Marianne Elliott, the project manager, for her steadfast and dynamic approach to developing the Action Plan.’
Hon Marian Hobbs, Associate Minister for Justice, March 2005


If you want to do Yoga at home, Marianne is your girl… Wow Marianne, this Yoga routine is blowing my socks off.
Melanie, online yoga client

Marianne, I am finally starting to understand the breathing thanks to you! Already!!! I know this is such an important part of yoga, but no instructor so far has really explained when and how to breath like you have and I have already felt the breath move my body through the poses you have laid out. I also like the segments, and I can pause your video and go through more of the segments my body wants that day following my breath.
Mel, 30 days of yoga participant

It’s wonderful! Honestly, you couldn’t have known my entire history and written a better program for me there. When I first did [the pose], I honestly almost cried. I’ve NEVER come across that before in any of my classes or books and it’s EXACTLY what I need.
Cath, online yoga client

Marianne — I just did the “yoga for bloggers” sequence in my office and I feel like I’ve had the best shoulder massage.
Richenda, 30 online yoga client

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