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About 30 Days of Yoga

I’ve been yoga-phobic my entire life. Marianne Elliott changed that and my life in the process. Her 30 Days of Yoga is amazing. She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve been a teacher for many years). If you want to do something extraordinary for yourself, I can’t think of a better teacher!
Dr. Brené Brown, author of I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t)

Marianne’s 30 Days of Yoga was one of the best investments I’ve made in my own wellness – and it was a steal! Her warmth, intelligence and commitment to her students radiate across the Internet, and you feel not only that you are receiving top-quality instruction, but that you are working side-by-side. Marianne’s approach is about more than the physical practice yoga; she is interested in your emotional and spiritual well-being and balance. I can’t recommend 30 Days of Yoga highly enough for those looking to establish a home practice.
Kristen Lisanti creator of Gimme Presence

wowza. this is all so deeply thought out and thorough and beautiful. impressive!
Danielle La Porte creator of the Fire Starter Sessions

Like so many others, I struggled to establish a consistent yoga practiced for nearly a decade. Midway through the 30 Day program, I had a breakthrough in my practice — seeing results both physically and emotionally. If you have wanted to establish your own yoga practice but failed to find a teacher who could design a program suited to your present needs and abilities, you can’t go wrong with Marianne. Marianne’s 30 Days of Yoga program is simply the best money I’ve ever spent. And it’s ridiculously affordable for the value it provides.
Brigitte Lyons (read Brigitte’s full review of the 30 days of yoga course)

If you want to do Yoga at home, Marianne is your girl… Wow Marianne, this Yoga routine is blowing my socks off.

Marianne is hands-down the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had

Thank you for your fearsome expertise and gentle guidance. It’s the winningest combination.

Marianne is so lovely, her kindness and knowledge, shined through the practice she created for me. Her continued guidance and deep caring, helped my yoga practice move in the direction it needed to go. Marianne is a wonderful yoga teacher and change agent. Her online programme is fantastic and encompasses all that yoga is. Thank you Marianne!

My 30 days experience was really wonderful and fulfilling, and honestly just what I needed! I found that practicing yoga every day really helped me start my day off right and helped me mentally deal with the stresses of work, and life, much better than I used to. I also went into the practice thinking it would be a real challenge for me to commit to doing it all 30 days. But I did, and this is something I am really proud of. It shows me that I do have some discipline and I can commit to something if I really put my mind to it! Marianne, what I enjoyed most about the 30 days course was the sense of personalization and one-on-one that came with it, even though it was totally virtual.
Kim Ware

Marianne, Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of helping these communities & also helping myself to find calm and acceptance. I have been able to set a realistic commitment for my yoga practice, usually it is totally unreachable & I have failed again. This time I am succeeding! My body protests with some of the poses, so at this stage I am working with breathing and the poses I can manage – just showing up, centering & breathing is wonderful. Thanks for you beautiful energy & gentleness.

Thank you so much for this gift, Marianne ~ I have always valued my yoga practice but rarely find time outside of my weekly class due to an extremely hectic schedule. I am one of those “give til it hurts” types while often neglecting to take care of myself…30-days of yoga has helped me turn over a new leaf and (so far anyway!) I have stuck to my promise of practicing the full energizing session every day. I am feeling wonderful, and I think you are an awesome teacher and amazing human being! Much love & admiration

What I would like to say to Marianne is first of all your warmth and authenticity is a breath of fresh air. The holistic approach you have to yoga, is so refreshing. Your dealing with the psychological issues of perfection and the inner critic, and of getting yourself on that mat, are really useful.

Hi Marianne. This was a great experience for me. I didn’t do yoga every day BUT I did SOME yoga and this is more than I did before these 30 days. I found your posts great as well. Very helpful in many ways, not only for Yoga practice. Your kindness goes beyond that. Thank you again for everything Marianne!

Hey Marianne! Just a quick note to let you know I have found the most amazing things have happened to my body since starting my yoga practice. I am sleeping better, breathing better and I feel stronger in my back – my awareness of my posture has improved dramatically. THANKS SO MUCH! You have converted me to yoga.
Karen Blythe

Dear Marianne, I wanted to let you know what your guidance has meant to us & how far your influence has traveled. You may remember that my husband and I mentioned in comments on your page during the first week that we have been sharing the practice together and it has brought us a new closeness. What a wonderful experience we’ve had practicing together. It’s really helping to keep us grounded. I can’t think of a thing I’d change about the course. I really enjoyed the bonus videos/audios, your stories and reading what others had written. My deepest thanks on accompanying me through a huge life transition, you’ve helped me to come out much stronger on the other side.

Hi Marianne, Thank you. I just wanted to say that I’ve honestly found the past 30 days so inspiring on lots of different levels. I think you are a remarkable woman and I found your experience, honesty and lovely way with words so refreshing and thought provoking. I feel like you have opened a door in my mind into a secret garden full of little adventures just waiting to be explored.

Your videos and words have been so warm and inspiring, and I have them all safely printed so that I can review them over and over again. I also downloaded my “gentle” asana, breathing, and chanting techniques, and hope that the mantras you mention in your email resonate with me as affectively as they have with you. It has been a privilege to be one of your students, and to be a part of such an incredibly charitable offering that you have created.

I feel like I have had fantastic results with my yoga practice in the past 30 days. I think my realistic expectations of what I could accomplish really set the tone for the whole practice. I was committed to those tiny goals! I wanted to do something for myself and regain a sense of my own personhood in the midst of mothering. It’s amazing how even just a few minutes of mindful breathing or simple stretching put me where I needed to be. … Your personal involvement in the 30 day course, through your personal posts and prompt e-mail replies, was probably the biggest motivation in the course. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness.

Marianne…. I just have to write to you, and let you know that your 30 days of yoga has so far and above exceeded any of my expectations…. I knew it would be soulful, like yourself, as I love reading your blog… But I never anticipated that you would really, be offering something of a paradigm shift…. You have created such a 360 degree experience … Thank you so much Marianne… You are a gifted yoga teacher!
Kerin Rose

Thank you so much for this 30 days of inspiration. It has been so nice to have you in my inbox! I wasn’t sure about doing the same practice every day, but it has been just what I needed. I never had to wonder what poses I wanted to practice, I just needed to feel how deeply my body wanted to go in the poses before me. I have felt stronger and more “awake” than I have in a long time. This practice has helped so much in gently releasing and allowing me to really be in touch with what I need emotionally. So don’t do anything differently! For me, this course has been perfect. You have been you. You have offered wonderful advice for approaching our practice. Your videos are wonderful. I hope I’m able to treat myself to 30-days with you regularly!
Kristi Gould

You are the firestarter that got me to my mat and for that I am forever grateful. 4 – 5 days out of 7 I am at my mat practicing. I love it, my body is more supple, it calms me down. Ive had a roller coaster of a month where I also had a melt down but gathered my energies back in, vowed to take deep care of myself and I am good, the yoga is part of my daily routine and its here to stay.
Goddess Star Monroe

You are very beautiful to watch and listen to. But real and accessible. You write well, in an engaging way, that helps the reader feel they are in this with you. Thanks Marianne for this opportunity to practice yoga. I have done the odd term of yoga here and there over the years but this course has given me a deeper understanding of yoga. It’s been really interesting to consider how yoga could be used as more than just an exercise for the body.

I’ve had numerous yoga teachers and you are among the best–which is amazing in itself given that you are across the world teaching via podcast. It takes a special teacher to convey the compassion, expertise and kindness that you manage in such a forum.

Marianne, I wanted to thank you. Immensely. I’ve been silent since we began this 30 days of yoga, but I wanted you to know that I’ve been profoundly, deeply affected. By the concept. By your daily emails, which have served as the ultimate nudges. The topics were inspiring and perfect–from eating to meditation to discipline to kindness. I’ve loved it all, and looked forward to reading each one. It’s shown me how, for the last several years, I’ve been like a flailing five-year-old able to do whatever I wanted, and how that hasn’t served me. I like structure. I thrive with structure. I’m so grateful you opened my eyes to this.

First of all I want to say a huge thank you for [the 30 days of yoga course], and for all your emails and videos, they are always encouraging and inspiring. … I have been really surprised at how regularly I’ve got on my mat as I expected to let other things get in the way again. My previous attempts to practice at home have always ended up like that. Thank you for getting me going on what I intend to be the first 30 days of a lifetime of yoga practice at home. I can’t wait to experience all that happens as a result.
Lorraine McVinnie

First off, you are a wonderful teacher. You think of things I may be feeling or doing but not knowing it and gently guide me back. Just the growing awareness of my body is a HUGE gift. … I have this little zingy tingle throughout the day. I have no mat, no yoga pants, so far its just me in the living room in my underwear which is exactly why I love these private lessons. So far it’s been so great! To be honest, its been a beautiful surprise. Thank you.
Jen Gray

Not only did your diagnostic questions lead me to exactly the right yoga practice – but the way you teach it and demonstrate it is literally beauty-full. Your grace, poise, reassurance and detailed instruction are such an empowering and motivating inspiration. Thank you so much for doing this work: you have captured, in AV, the feeling of having a one-on-one personal practice with an ‘embodied’ teacher, helping and guiding the body into correct pose and balance, with gentle, graceful adjustments and encouragements. Your presence and your openness transcend the medium. You join us at home on the mat. And because of that you bring each of us home to our embodied Self, our inner teacher.
Stephanie Pietkiewicz

Hi Marianne — I just went to send a message to tell you how wonderful and inspirational the 30 days of yoga has been for me. I’m learning SO much about what the ideal practice looks and feels like for me. In the beginning I was so surprised that I was actually doing yoga every day. Despite all that I’ve done and accomplished in my life, in some way I was shocked that I had managed to roll out the mat every day. Starting the third week and seeing your latest email really helped me realize how important intention is. I’m succeeding because of the intentions I bring to the mat. I also love the 30 days from a functional standpoint. I’ve always been someone that doesn’t totally love yoga class, but also isn’t keen on a home practice without guidance. This is the perfect balance.
Kate Hash

I love this program in more ways than I could ever count. I stumbled upon it at a time when my body was craving movement, but I just couldn’t seem to do it. The program was a godsend for me. I’m definitely continuing my practice and usually daily, even if it’s just savasana, meditating for 10 minutes. More often than not, I go through my whole program and feel such joy when I finish. For the first time, yoga isn’t just exercise for me – it’s so much more and that’s what will keep me going to the mat now that this is over.
Maribeth Doer (read a full review of 30 days by Maribeth here)

Thank you for running this course and changing my life in so many ways. I never really believed I could be one of those people who had a daily practice and yet I have done that over the last month. Because of your way of teaching and your realistic and compassionate approach I got over the critical inner voice which told me that I wasn’t good enough to do yoga properly and so it wasn’t worth getting on the mat. You are a fab, funny, inspirational, compassionate teacher. Above all, you make yoga accessible and fun. And an incredible journey.

Here’s how [30 days of yoga] has helped me… I am much more body aware as I work through my day; I utilize breath and breathing as a transition to a different mindset through out the day; I have much much less neck pressure and pain because of my posture improvement and body awareness; in fact, I reorganized my computer work station to incorporate the new way I am sitting and am postured!
Mary Anne Radmacher (Author of Live with Intention: Rediscovering what we Deeply Know)

Last year I did your 30 days busy yoga course, which was amazing. I still use the videos and my daughter, who is 3 1/2 years old and going through a rough time at the nursery, started joining me when I practice. Here’s a picture of her, happy, following your instructions. Thank you, Marianne, your yoga courses are truly wonderful.

You have sorted out my tight hamstrings! I am on day 6 of my ’30 days of yoga’ and already feel marvelous, thank you so much. My mother loves you too and says you are way better than her regular yoga teacher.

I loved the 30 days of yoga. I feel fabulous. And I don’t see it as really ‘finishing’ it either, as it’s now become a part of my daily routine. Thanks.

Marianne, I am finally starting to understand the breathing thanks to you! I know this is such an important part of yoga, but no instructor so far has really explained when and how to breath like you have and I have already felt the breath move my body through the poses you have laid out. I also like the segments, and I can pause your video and go through more of the segments my body wants that day following my breath.

It’s wonderful! Honestly, you couldn’t have known my entire history and written a better program for me there. When I first did [the pose], I honestly almost cried. I’ve NEVER come across that before in any of my classes or books and it’s EXACTLY what I need.

I’m so crazy about the way you teach. It’s absolutely different than every teacher I’ve ever tried. When you do the three oms it makes me teary. I understand everything you’re talking about and I feel inspired. You’re amazing.

Thank you so much! I really am so glad you offer this opportunity. You have such a wonderful way of teaching. I have a couple of yoga videos, but they have not been able to get my body to feel any different at all. Where as after the first time I did this practice I could already tell a difference in my body and peace of mind. So thank you so much!!

I am definitely planning on continuing the practice. I have always been too scared to go to a gym and join the classes, but this is exactly my speed. Every time I did do the whole practice my whole back would just release over the next few days, and honestly that feeling was amazing. I honestly wouldn’t advise you to change a thing. It was an extremely helpful class and the emails were awesome motivations.

I’ve always been dependent on yoga videos and dvds, not really knowing how to develop my own routine. I believe that this past 30 days has given me the confidence to put together my own practice. Paying attention to my breath makes a difference. It’s a very good beginning. Something I will continue. Thank you Marianne, this has been a wonderful experience

I wondered at the beginning whether 30 days was a good choice for me, but I am so glad I joined. I signed up on a whim really, just hoping to find a way to loosen up the muscles that were sore from sitting at a desk all day long and instead found a way to quieten my mind, feel less anxious and manage my stress, all while learning to be more mindful. So thank you!

That nose breathing thing. i have never experienced something like that before! amazing! thank you for sharing it. You are the best!

Thanks you so much for your wonderful course. I’ve learned a lot and it’s really really helped with where I’m at. I’m feeling really good. I’m feeling more confident. I’m paying more attention to my breath. I definitely plan to continue practicing regular yoga. Your set-up has made it really easy to do. I’m excited actually cos I feel like I’ve blasted through the blocks I’ve had with yoga in the past. I feel a lot better about it and quite relieved too as it’s something I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do but I haven’t been able to manage it in the past.

Earlier this year I did an online exercise class and received very demanding and insensitive emails from the course leader. It made me hesitant to do anything similar again. It has been lovely though receiving your emails – I always work better with gentle encouragement and that’s what you have provided.

I went back and looked at my original questionnaire answers and it’s powerful to see the shift that’s taken place in the past month. I do feel much more grounded and have started tapping into my own deep inner guidance. This is huge. What did I like about the course? I love the emails! And the individualized practice is priceless – I thought the embedded by Embedded Video
Download Video worked perfectly. This course was perfect for me. A huge Thank You, Marianne! You’ve been a key part of a major transformation for me. My body and spirit thank you!

Your reassurance and advice have helped me accept and feel good about the fact that simply doing what I can do is a complete enough practice. As a result of this process I am a lot more able to admit and accept my body’s limits, and work within them. I’m planning to continue practicing regular yoga. It is a daily necessity that feels like a treat to myself! The best thing about the course is your personal contact – yoga is so different for everyone and your one-to-one guidance together with your group emails helped me begin to understand how to navigate yoga for me personally.

I signed on to 30 Days because I wanted to change my life. I knew I was altering a lifestyle. This was forever. I knew it. How has 30 days of yoga changed me? Physically, I’m stronger than ever before in my adult life. Three months ago, I couldn’t get out of bed every month due to PMS and pain…that’s gone now. I’ve lost a few pounds, though that was not my intention, and I’m happier that my arms and legs are stronger, I feel my muscles again and I have realized I’m a breathing, living creature!

The supplemental videos were fantastic, and I especially appreciate your patience in taking us through this journey – entertaining my comments and my questions, even if they have more to do with discipline, routine and philosophy more than the “easier” questions of how to do the asanas. Truthfully, I don’t think I’d ever have the bravery to speak to a teacher in person the way that I write to you.

Just a quick note to say how much I’ve been enjoying 30 days of yoga. It has been a wonderful several weeks of yoga and journaling that has been really transformational and I guess kind of quiet. This experience has definitely created a regular practice that will support my spirit for years to come.

I started the session extremely late last night, but oh my!!! What everyone says is sooooo true. Going through all of the poses really did feel amazing! Thank you so much for offering these courses, and really this is only after one session. I can’t wait to see how I feel after all 30 days, and to continue with a home practice. It already gives me such a wonderful feeling.

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy you as a teacher. You give clear, thorough instructions. I’ve never spent much time focusing on breathing before. Starting the practice paying attention to my breathing, then trying to control it, then the alternate nostril breathing was rather a revelation. When times are stressful at work, these breathing techniques will help ease the stress.

Overall, I’m feeling really pleased with the 30 days. I definitely feel more mindful of my body in general and I have been sleeping better as well. It’s helped my eating practices as well – being more alert to fullness and hunger, responses to certain foods, and cravings. I really appreciated knowing you were around and able to answer any questions! I think your availability to all of the participants is definitely something to keep – it made the process personal and much more than just a video.

My sadhana has been really amazing. It has been exactly what I need to center myself again, and I am more excited about getting on my mat than I have ever been. Actually, its been a long time since I was excited to practice! So thank you also for sparking this in me.

I would really like to thank you for this 30 days of yoga. It has inspired me so much, and motivated me to continue with the practice. The poses you chose for me, were really great, just what I needed. You are certainly a very good teacher who is honest and dares to show her vulnerable side. Thank you for that.

These past 30 days I have been very observant of myself, my actions, my reactions, and I have been discovering things about myself, things that I need to change and ways to change them. Thank you for the prompt to take a good, long look inside and really see what was going on in there. It’s something I have needed to do for a long time.

The good news in short is that I am coping better thanks to the 30 days of yoga. I think my anxiety level is lower. Just wanted to tell you that you really did help me.

It’s been a real pleasure to share these 30 days of yoga with you. I’ve learned a lot about my body, myself and about how yoga can help me through other aspects of life… and that’s exactly what I was hoping!!

You know, you have really helped me to see the empowering nature of kindness and compassion towards myself. Where I used to feel good about the things I could push my body to achieve, I now feel good about being able to manage my own injury and pain levels by listening to what my body needs. In short, I’m realising that being kind to myself comes from strength and wisdom, not weakness.

Your video check-ins in addition to your availability over email help personalize the virtual experience. That alone makes your program remarkable. The chanting and meditation posts were such a special treat, too! I want you to know how much I have learned every time I have participated, not just about myself and my practice but also about the practice of yoga outside of asanas. You really have created something special. Richenda

Marianne, thank you for your exceptional warmth & insight. My 30 days were somehow challenging & restorative, calming & thrilling, all at once. I learned about my body, its limits & its potential. I saw myself “improve” incrementally, becoming stronger & more flexible – but miraculously my ego stayed out of the matter entirely! I learned what stillness feels like, & how vital the breath truly is. I began to listen to myself in a way I never have before. Not only has this course introduced me to a yoga home practice that I intend to carry forward into the next 30 days – and the 30 after that – but it has also reinforced my meditation practice, increased my capacity for focus & levelheadedness (my boyfriend thanks you), helped straighten my posture & revealed just what I’m capable of if I keep on keeping promises to myself.

This 30 days was even better than the first one. The last time I had followed the video most of the time, this time I took the poses and really made my own practice. Along the way I’ve developed favourites and one’s I’d rather skip, but what I found interesting was often the one’s I don’t particularly enjoy were one’s I ended up feeling called to do. After last round of 30 days, I’ve really learned to listen to my body and just go with it. It’s been a beautiful experience to be able to really tune in and REALLY trust myself. … Doing two 30 days in a row has solidified my love for yoga and it feels like a life long commitment now.

Yoga feels like a journey to rescue the best of me from that place I buried it long ago in an attempt to keep safe. I thought I’d forgotten where I buried it. Yoga helps me remember.

I think the best part of the practice is discovering new ways to experience my heart in my body and having a daily ritual to stretch also becomes an invitation to stretch inwardly in new ways too.

I have found your teachings on kindness to our selves, and non-judgement, very profound and useful – just right for me. For example, I have become so aware of the “stories” I tell for not being able to practice – and these stories around time and busy-ness seem to be a chorus in all things in my life. I am trying to simply notice this, not to give it power or to force a change; but it really, really hooks me. And then there are the days when it is not possible to do anything, and to let this go with bendy grace like bamboo swaying in the wind.

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