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Ah…. Doing Marianne’s yoga for bloggers, writers and computer geeks. Can’t believe she gives it for free to her list!

~ Sarah Bray

Sign up to the Zen Peacekeeper mailing list

What people say about my emails

Marianne, thanks for sharing the best email I’ve received all month (at an average of 200-300 per day, I really really look forward to the ones that make me smile and think and reflect and learn).”

~ Claire Mahon

I’m so glad you’re doing these emails, they’re wonderful! Not only do I love your recommendations, your voice really comes through beautifully in these write-ups and it makes your readers (i.e. me) feel closer to you. Thank you.”

~ Kristen Lisanti

For someone who doesn’t claim to mail inspiration this newsletter was mind blowing and should keep us quite busy for a while.”

~ Alessandra Cave


Thank you for being a steady voice in the conversation. I adore getting your emails.”

~ Laura Calandrella

Your email came at exactly the right time, no idea how you timed that, but you did. I needed something and there it was: your email with a yoga practice. I immediately did it and I feel so much better already! Thank you so so much! The first practice is fantastic too! I am very grateful that I found you!

~ Stephanie

Marianne, your lovely emails always seem to hit the right notes and come at just the right time!”
~ Betsy Huggins

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