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Off the Mat, Into the World trainings

Off the Mat, Into the WorldoffTheMatOff the Mat, Into the World empowers people through workshops, community collaborations and local/global service projects, harnessing the power of yoga to inspire and support conscious, sustainable activism and ignite grassroots social change. Our leadership trainings and workshops combine yoga and mindfulness with personal and professional development.

I had a good sense of purpose, but was in need of wise, smart people to ask some searching questions in order to find a greater sense of clarity. The combination of yoga, individual and group work is a powerful one. And my experience of the four week process, led by highly experienced and delightful co-facilitators, was transformative.
Tink Stephenson

Off the Mat, Into the World: Yoga in Action courses use yoga practice, group exercises, personal reflection and weekly homework to help you: uncover your purpose, clarify your vision, face your fears and doubts, connect to your community of support and work with others to plan and carry out a your own form of service in your community.

Off the Mat was a chance for me to reconnect with what was important to me, a chance to remind myself of what I value in myself and others. It was a chance to explore how I could build on all of that and create a stronger sense of purpose in my own life.
Sonya Hogan

The course started me on a journey which now finds me a way healthier person, friend, and activist—one who’s doing things for the right reasons. Not out of fear or a desire to look good, but because I love to do them.
Eli Chisolm

I am the Regional Leader for Off the Mat, Into the World in New Zealand and Australia and co-host and lead Off the Mat events and courses in these countries. You can read more about Off the Mat, Into the World NZ & Australia here, and you can learn more about the international movement here.

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I loved the course and endorse it highly. I liked refining the alignment of my values, my goals and my approach in achieving them. From the personal through to the transpersonal, I found the spectrum of applicability broad and enlightening.
Tyag Fenton

I learnt from direct experience in this course, how integrity and honesty and holding space go a long way to alleviating the suffering of others. These values were exemplified by the facilitators, creating a safe space to explore this way of being for ourselves.
Alys Titchener

The course was a powerful and yet caring and compassionate container to explore aspects of my social and relational self that may not have been revealed to me in solitary practice. The result was a more rounded and all encompassing awareness of who I am, just as I am, and what I want to bring into the world.
Peter Fernando

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