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You wanna talk? I love talking. Let’s talk.

Here’s how to get the conversation started.

1. Twitter

I’m at my chattiest on Twitter. Join the fun. Follow me. Say hello. We can have a chat there anytime.

2. Facebook

Ah, Facebook. I resisted it for a long time. Mostly because I loved Twitter so much and thought I had to choose. Now I choose both. Double the talking. What’s not to love about that? Come on over and join the conversation.

3. Email

You can send me an email at marianne(at)marianne-elliott(dot)com

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PS: If you have a question about my 30 Days of Yoga courses, you might want to read these FAQs first. Thanks!


Do you really just want to talk, on a phone? I get it. My dad loves the phone too. But I don’t so much. It’s probably because I’m an introvert and like to have some warning before I have to talk to people. Also I’m in New Zealand which means chances are that when you feel like chatting I’m sleeping. And vice versa. So why not send me an email and if we have more to talk about, we can always make a date for a chat.

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