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30 Days of Yoga: about us

Welcome to 30 days of yoga. I’m Marianne. I’m a writer, a human rights advocate and a yoga teacher.

I believe it is possible – essential even – to do good and be well. But I also know it is harder than it sounds. It means working out what your unique way to serve the world is, AND how you take care of yourself to stay well.

The 30 Days of Yoga courses are designed to help you do just that: take care of yourself so that you can do your good work in the world. They are online courses that will help you start, and sustain, your own authentic practice of yoga.

I’ve learned (and am still learning) that kindness, especially towards ourselves, is essential to doing good and being well. So that’s what this course is all about. I hope you enjoy it.

My teachers: my yoga and meditation lineage

I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. I did my basic training at the Byron Yoga Centre, where I learned -above all else – how to keep my students safe (and the difference between your teres minor and major, though I don’t promise I could remember that in a pop quiz).

Additionally, I’ve done 120 hours of training in Shiva Rea’s intuitive, flowing style of hatha yoga known as Prana Flow. I received most of that training from Twee Merrigan, a powerful and passionate yoga teacher who taught me to share yoga as a path to living a life of joy, liberty and service.

Sean Corne, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling established Off the Mat Into the World, and I am their regional leader for New Zealand and Australia. They embody mindful activism and compassionate clarity and they are my teachers, friends and role-models.

Mark Breadner taught me that yoga is a sacred path to reveal the inherent wellness in all people, to treat the whole rather than the parts, to address our own happiness and healing and to become catalysts for global well-being.

My Buddhist meditation teacher is Peter Fernando, who lived and trained as a Buddhist monk in the tradition of Ajahn Chah for seven years. By modelling genuine compassion and joy in all his teachings, Peter has been a huge influence on my own journey towards the gentleness of my original nature.

Want to get a peak at my teaching style before you sign up? You can check out some free sample videos here (including the now famous Yoga for Bloggers and Writers, which I designed for desk jockeys like us to do throughout the day)

Meet My Team

Nita, Lesleigh and Brit are the technical and administrative wonder-women who help me make sure that the 30 days of yoga experience goes as smoothly as possibly for you, and who help me find time for my own yoga practice and self-care.

These ladies are your first and best bet on any technical issues related to registering for this course, or any problems or questions you might have about the logistics of the course itself either before you register or once you are under way. I may be the world’s expert on struggling to establish a home yoga practice and a boundless source of compassion when it comes to your efforts to get on the mat, but I am quite possibly the worst person to ask if you are having trouble downloading the videos, or accessing the members page. That’s what the team is here for. And for that I am eternally grateful.

For any technical or administrative questions about this course, please don’t hesitate to email the team: support at marianne-elliott dot com

Nita Apple is a yogini with amazing business support skills, so she’s perfect to work with me on this course and she won’t mind at all if you slip a little bit of yoga chat into your conversations about PayPal or passwords.

Lesleigh Romond is a full time mother of two lovelies and part time yoga instructor. She’s a big believer in kindness-focused yoga and has been practicing for over 15 years.

Brit Hanson is a story-based social media specialist and writer; you’ll see her around Facebook and Twitter helping support the 30 Days of Yoga community.



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