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Monday, August 10, 2015 by Marianne Elliott

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After a year of focusing pretty much exclusively on ActionStation, I have a few teaching and presenting events coming up:

Muse Camp 2015

August 21st-23rd, Bend OR

muase campMuse Camp is a three-day women’s retreat devoted to inspiring positive social change. It offers workshops, talks, and community building opportunities to provide women and teens with the inspiration and support necessary to become catalysts for positive social change. Muse Camp is open to women 12 and up. Lodging is in Sioux-Style Tipis equipped with cots beside the magical Blue Lake. Meals will all be organic and include vegetarian options. Workshops include: photography, poetry, improv, leadership, yoga, writing, and mindfulness.

I’ll be repeating the workshop I taught at Muse Camp in 2013: Writing as Activism.

World Muse also has a new online magazine – they launched this week and I’m honoured that they included one of my pieces on courage in their first edition: Leaping before I Look‘ 

I can find the audacity to do work that seems far too big for me because I know that the work is bigger than me and because I know that I’m not doing it alone. … This is what faith looks like to me right now: I am not the whole story. I am only a very small part of the story. And I need only do the work that I was born to be doing right now – with integrity, with compassion, with courage.”

Yoga in Action: Off the Mat

Sept-Oct – Wellington, NZ

Embody-Your-PurposeThis is designed to be a personally transformative journey that will help clarify your sense of purpose and develop your collaboration and leadership skills. Yoga in Action is a program of 4 workshops that will help clarify and deepen your sense of purpose through a mix of mindfulness and yoga practices, self-inquiry and practical tools for leading and collaborating. We’ll explore what healthy, self-aware and sustainable activism looks like and how to apply that both to your everyday life and to the ways in which you serve your family, your community or the world.

If you already engage in a regular yoga practice this will deepen your awareness and experience of what is happening on the mat and give you clarity about how to take those insights off the mat for the benefit of your community. For those new to yoga it will introduce yoga as more than just stretching: Yoga as a way to reach for a brighter future and a more courageous version of yourself. The small group setting builds community over the four weeks and will leaves you with a support network to continue the exploration and build on any service projects that emerge. 

If you can’t make it to this training but want to keep up to date on all the exciting news from Off The Mat New Zealand come like us on our new facebook page.

Game Changers: Yoga Journal Live Event

27 Sept-1 Oct, Colorado

When the introduction to a yoga event reads: 

Understanding the dynamics of oppression, prejudice, bias, and ignorance, as well as, the ways in which we are complicit are the keys to changing things.” 

You know this is not your average yoga conference.

So what is this? It’s a three-day yoga-based training in cultural awareness and social justice, and how to be a part of a grassroots movement that is committed to creating real change–all starting from the inside out. A training to help us all take our yoga off the mat and not only be a part of the change, but also redefine what true change means. 

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of what yoga can be, to discover what’s next for you, or to find inspiration around the work you’re already doing, please join us and connect with a community of conscious activists who understand it is time to get real, engage with heart, and make change for the good of ALL. Come and learn what it means to be a game changer yourself and how to put your compassion into true action!

Join us USE PROMO CODE: ELLIOTT to save 15% off Game Changers pass! 

Led by OTM founders Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling, this conference also features the 11 leaders interviewed by Seane in Yoga Journal’s GameChangers series over the past year. We’ll cover:

* The power of language * How global change starts within *

* Social justice basics * Trauma & building resilience * Co-creating change *

* Body image & disordered eating * Finding your voice *

* Yoga accessibility for all * Yoga in 12-step & underserved communities *

Click on the photo below to learn more about the presenters & check-out the daily schedule HERE 

Leaders of Game Changers Event


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