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Meet Marcela Macias.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 by Marianne Elliott

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One of the greatest rewards of my work as a yoga teacher is getting to know, learn from and be inspired by the people who take my courses. As we’re gearing up for the next round of 30 Days of Yoga, we wanted to stop and put the stoplight on a few of the students who have inspired us over the years.

We’re starting with Marcela Macias, an alum of both the Busy and Standard versions of the course. She inspires us — and we think she’ll inspire you too.


Marcela, tell us about yourself.

My name is Marcela Macias. I am a mother to five year old twins,  a wife, a former United Nations Volunteer in UN peacekeeping, and a food + product photographer. I was born in Argentina, but I have been living in Cyprus for the past six years.

How long have you been practising yoga?

I started practicing in 2004 and I fell in love with yoga — but only did it for a year. In early 2005 I left my home country (Argentina), first going to Spain, and then to work in UN Peacekeeping in Ivory Coast; I didn’t know how to continue my practice by myself.

Though I missed yoga deeply, I didn’t know where to go to continue practicing or how to get started on a home yoga practice. As time went by, we moved to Cyprus, I got pregnant and I never found the time to attend a class. I was craving yoga by then but had a pile of excuses not to practice.

By then, I had been following your blog and work for a couple of years. When I saw that you had released your course on “30 days of yoga for people who are too busy to do yoga” I knew that was what I needed to get back on track.

And it was.

What made you decide to take the Standard version of the 30 Days of Yoga course?


One year after taking the Busy Yoga course our children underwent a Special Needs assessment and were diagnosed with severe developmental delays and sensory processing disorder. I felt like my world had fallen apart.

I was suddenly spending every second learning about ways to support my children’s occupational and speech therapy and advocating for them at the school (to no avail … we had to home school them due to the stress caused by the school’s refusal to put therapies in practice and foster an inclusive classroom environment). I was trying to understand why and how this had happened and was feeling an awful amount of guilt.

I noticed that I had started making excuses again for not sitting on the mat. I had already taken your busy course and I knew that what I needed was, in fact, more yoga. About a week after I realized this, the standard version of the course opened for registration. I signed up as soon as I could click the Paypal button!

I’m curious about whether your yoga practice has birthed any clarity in your life — big or small. Have you experienced a shift in perspective?

Yoga has given me inner peace (now I sound like Kung Fu Panda, don’t I?). I’ve found that as long as I keep one simple commitment — to sit on the mat for 15 minutes every day — I can always find a way back to myself regardless of how messy, chaotic and as sad as life can get.

Yoga has given me the ability to quiet my crazy “hamster wheel” mind and a way to connect and listen to my body. I have also noticed that my creativity flows much better after yoga, which is why I do a short routine before a photo shoot.

Tell us about your yoga practice now, post-course. What’s still working for you and what challenges come up?

Your videos are fantastic and the book with all emails is an amazing resource, which allows me to remember the lessons behind the lessons. I am able to change practices when I need to.

As for challenges, time seems to be the one and only excuse I keep making, but then I remind myself of how well I feel afterwards. This is the a commitment to myself that is worth keeping. I am hoping to be able to sign up for 90 Days of Yoga later this year to deepen my practice.

Lastly, do you have a few words of encouragement for fellow home-practising yogis — or those wanting to get started?

Just do it. Sit on the mat, press play and get started. Be kind to yourselves on the mat and outside of it. Trust your body, be gentle to it.

And trust Marianne: you won’t find a kinder teacher.




Do you have questions about the 30 Days of Yoga Course? Find more here.

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