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Workshops in Sydney & Melbourne in January

Monday, December 9, 2013 by Marianne Elliott

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I’ve been all over the place this year, and my down-under peeps have been asking when I’m going to teach here in New Zealand or Australia.

So, this January I’m teaching in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you are down-under – come join me. And if you are far away, consider joining me anyway. There’s no better place to be in January than Sydney or Melbourne.

Embody Your Purpose – Sydney – 11 & 12 January

On 11 & 12 January I’ll be joining Kerri Kelly, Off The Mat Into The World Global Managing Director – to lead a two-day ‘Embody Your Purpose’ workshop in Sydney. We’ll combine yoga postures, mindfulness techniques and experiential exercises with practical tools for getting clear about your purpose, your vision and your path. Read more and register here.

Purpose-Driven Social Change – Sydney – 14 January

On 14 January, we’ll lead a one-day ‘Purpose-Driven Social Change’ workshop in Sydney that builds on the weekend workshop and takes it to the next level to help you develop a greater ability to lead and support positive change – whether in your own life, your family, your workplace or your community. Read more and register here.

The ability to foster, lead compassionate, courageous change is core to the biggest challenges facing our community and our planet today.

Yoga for Purpose, Clarity & Courage – Melbourne – 18 January

On 18 January, we’ll be leading a one-day ‘Yoga for Purpose, Clarity & Courage’ workshop in Melbourne. This workshop dives beneath the surface of yoga, exploring how yoga practices – combined with mindfulness techniques and practical tools – can help us get to know ourselves better, build greater resilience to stress and get clearer about your purpose, your vision and your path. Read more and register here.

Not just for yogis

No previous experience of yoga is required to take part in these events. If you’ve never tried yoga, this is a great way to discover new practices to support your life and work. If you already practice yoga, you’ll develop a much deeper understanding of how to integrate insights from yoga into your daily life.

Apply for a scholarship

Access is important to Off The Mat Into The World. We are looking for leaders, passionate activists, dedicated yogis who are ready to take their yoga off the mat and into the world. We recognise that for varying reasons there are people who would really benefit from our trainings and programs, who do not currently have the resources to participate. We encourage such individuals to apply for a scholarship here.

Off the Mat, Into the World

These workshops are an initiative of Off The Mat and Into The World, Australia – an affiliate of Off the Mat, Into the World. This global program uses the power of yoga to ignite personal and social change. It facilitates personal empowerment through leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and initiating local and global service projects. Participants learn how to apply yoga practices and insights to be more powerful change-makers “off the yoga mat” in their lives and communities.

Also coming up this summer…

New Years Retreat in New Zealand

My dear friend and inspiring colleague Kerri Kelly – who is the Director of Off the Mat, Into the World and a powerhouse of clarity and creative courage, is coming to New Zealand to lead a New Years yoga retreat. Read more about Kerri and the retreat here.

Wanderlust Festival Downunder

Wanderlust is coming to New Zealand. I’m VERY excited about this. Wanderlust Festival is a yoga & music festival which has grown into more than ten events and locations around the US and Canada and this year, it’s coming to New Zealand and Australia.

I’ll be at the Auckland event, on 23 March at Western Springs, representing Off the Mat, Into the World and having some fun too.

Even if you’ve never done any yoga before, this will be a fun day. It’s a free event (although there is the option to buy a Premium Ticket and get guaranteed access to the most popular classes) and a great chance to try some yoga in a fun atmosphere and hear some great music as well.

I hope I’ll get to see some of you this summer!

Thanks & love,


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