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My win-win plan for building world peace + inner peace.

Friday, October 18, 2013 by Marianne Elliott

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If you are anything like me, you get dozens of fundraising requests every week.

Between requests from independent artists crowdsourcing funds to make their film/record their album/publish their book and campaigns from non-profits or individuals raising funds to do great work in the world, it can be overwhelming. And very hard to decide which campaigns to support.

Which is why, when Erin Giles asked me to support her fundraising campaign to help End Sex Trafficking, I wanted to find a way to help her which would also help you. I wanted the win-win.

I wanted to help Erin because sex trafficking must end. According to Not For Sale,

The modern-day slave trade is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, enslaving more than 30 million individuals today.”

As President Obama has said:

It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity. I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name — modern slavery.”

And I wanted to help you because, well, because you are awesome, and I know you want to do everything you can to make the world a fairer, kinder place – and I’d love to make it sweet & easy for you to do that.

So here’s what I came up with:

zen est

1. You donate $45 to the End Sex Trafficking campaign (raising funds to support five non-profits dedicated to ending sex trafficking)


2. You get to join Zen Guide to the Holidays for free this year.

Easy. Building a more peaceful world + making your life more peaceful. It’s a no-brainer.

How does it work?

Just go to the End Sex Trafficking campaign, choose the ‘Get Zen + Do Good’ perk, and make a $45 donation. When the campaign closes, we’ll send everyone who chose this perk a special code to join Zen Holidays for free this year.

If you were already planning to join the Zen Guide to the Holidays, this is a great way to do so and know that you are helping end sex trafficking at the same time.

If you were looking for a great gift for a friend, this may well be the perfect gift: make a donation in their name to End Sex Trafficking + give them the gift of a peaceful path through the holiday season.

Of course, if you weren’t planning to join Zen Holidays this year, you can still support the End Sex Trafficking campaign by:

  • Donating whatever you can afford (even $1 really does help)
  • Watching the campaign video, to inform yourself about sex trafficking.
  • Sharing the campaign with someone you know.

This campaign needs you. Millions of people around the world need you. People in your own backyard need you. I understand if you can’t give money (I’ve been there, and some days I still am there) but you can share this.

Sharing raises awareness. And awareness is the beginning of change.



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