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How home yoga cultivates self-trust (+ can help you find your purpose)

Saturday, September 28, 2013 by Marianne Elliott

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I love a good yoga class. In fact, as I’ve traveled around the world over the past four months, I’ve savoured the opportunity to visit different yoga studios and practice with different teachers.

Sustained practice takes community, and yet, practicing alone – following the voice of your inner teacher, and the pace of your own breath – is the heart and soul of your own relationship with yoga.

Your home yoga practice is where you find out what really works for you, and what doesn’t.

That’s why I love home yoga, and why I created 30 Days of Yoga: a program to get you started (and keep you going) with your own home yoga practice.

Maybe above all else, home yoga is where you begin to rebuild your own trust in yourself, your body and your innate wisdom. And very little is more important, and more powerful than that.

Self-trust is key to every courageous choice I’ve ever made.

Self-trust is also a very big part of the answer to these questions, which I get asked almost every day:

How do I know what my true purpose is? How can I find, and know, the right path for me?

We find the right path, and we know our purpose, when we trust ourselves enough to believe what we already know.

And home yoga helps us cultivate that kind of trust, that kind of knowing.

Yoga also helps us sleep better, improves our capacity to manage stress, increases our physical health, strength and flexibility and even improves heart health.

Yoga may not be the magic cure for everything that ails you. But it goes a long way!

So I’m excited, humbled and grateful to have been able to support thousands of people to establish their own home yoga practice through 30 Days of Yoga. Are you ready to join me? There is a version to suit everyone.

If you’ve never done yoga before – try the Beginners version

If you are too busy to do yoga – try the Yoga for People Too Busy to Do Yoga version

If you are curvy, or just want to learn from the amazing Anna Guest-Jelley, of Curvy Yoga – try the Curvy Yoga version

If you are pretty much anyone else – the Standard version will have something for you.

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I want to live in a world where everyone trusts themselves, and their bodies, enough to ignore the constant messages being blasted at us telling us we are not good enough, not qualified to change the world, or worse – that there’s no point even trying.

I want to live in a world where we all know that we have an essential part to play in making the world a more kind, safe, beautiful place and where we all believe in our ability to play that role.

Yoga has helped me find that self-trust and the confidence to make the brave choices I needed to make to live the life I really desired. If you are ready to give yoga a try (or deepen your yoga practice by bringing it home, and adding it into your every day), join me for 30 Days of Yoga this October.


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