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My Creative Joy

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by Marianne Elliott

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A week ago (on my 41st birthday) I began a new daily creative habit. Once a day I take the time to notice something that is bringing me creative joy. I photograph it and share it on InstagramTwitter & Facebook.

Why? Because creativity and joy are practices. They don’t just happen to us because we are creative or joyful people – although inherently we all are. But the demands of daily life get in the way of our experience of these qualities, so we need to pay them a little attention – cultivate them through practice.

Starting today – will you join me (and Jen Louden and Tracey Clark) to notice, cultivate and spread creative joy? You can read more about the practice of creative joy and how joining us in this practice could win you a place at our Creative Joy retreat in October, in the Creative Joy Playbook – available for download here.

The Creative Joy Playbook is like a mini-retreat in itself – it includes photos, quotes, questions to get you connected to your own creative joy and reflections on creative joy from a lot of wonderful people including Kelly Rae Roberts, Christine Mason Miller, Susannah Conway, Tara Mohr, Jeffrey Davis, Eric Klein, Samantha Reynolds, Janet Goldstein and many more. Download it here (it’s free, no opt-in needed) and start playing.

Here are some images of #mycreativejoy this past week.

A photo of Lake Taupo, with clear blue sky and the words 'Open spaces - my creative joy'A photo of Marianne and her boyfriend on the top of Mt Vic with the words 'Sunday walks - my creative joy' A photo of Marianne, Tracey Clark and Jen Louden with the words 'Collaboration - my creative joy' A photo of a coffee cup, notebook and pen on a red table with the words 'Pen and paper - my creative joy' A photo of Marianne and a laughing toddler with the words 'Play dates - my creative joy' A photo of a noticeboard with images of Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe and the words 'Show the world your magic'



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