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New and improved 30 Days of Yoga courses open for registration today

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 by Marianne Elliott

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We’ve been working on an upgrade to my 30 Days of Yoga courses for almost four months. And it’s done! It’s beautiful, highly functional, and will make the experience of these courses even more enjoyable. Which is not bad, given this is what people said about the old version:

“Wowza. This is all so deeply thought out and thorough and beautiful. Impressive!”

– Danielle La Porte creator of the Fire Starter Sessions


Today registration opens for the Standard, Beginners and Busy people versions of the courses. The courses will start on 18 March

Registration for 90 Days of Yoga will open on 18 March, and registration for 30 Days of Curvy Yoga will open on 1 April.

I wanted to give you a peek at the new format and let you know what has changed. Here’s a screen grab from the new 30 Days of Yoga for Beginners course website:

Based on feedback from past students, we’ve made changes to how we deliver the 30 Days of Yoga course. You will still get a lesson from me each day by email, but those emails will also be added to the course site. They’ll be easily located under the relevant week heading – so if you who miss an email (or several) you’ll be able to easily catch up. Plus, anytime you want to go back and re-read what I sent earlier in the course you’ll have no trouble doing so.

We’ve also changed the way the videos are delivered. All the videos are now embedded on the course website and can be watched there. They are also easier (and faster) to download, in several different versions.

We’ve also automated and added shortcut buttons in the sidebar for course activities like signing up for live calls, joining the Facebook group, booking a one-on-one coaching session with me or getting technical help from Nita.

The content remains largely unchanged from the version of the courses I offered in 2012 – because the content worked really well for people. But now we have a delivery platform that matches the quality of the content and complements the intention of the course by making everything easier to find, to follow and to come back to over time. Everyone who signs up will have life-long access to the content on the site.

The new tagline for the courses is: “30 Day of Yoga: A Lifetime of Well-Being”

I hope this helps emphasise that these courses are not all about what you can do in 30 days. They are designed to help you create life-long change and the new design supports that goal.

I’m really proud of the new 30 Days of Yoga courses. They combine the best of what these courses have always offered – a personalised guide and support system to develop a home yoga practice that suits you – with the best in new developments for delivering online courses in the smoothest and most effective way.

You can read more about each of the courses and sign up here.

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