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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by Marianne Elliott

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For the rest of this week, I’ll be in silence.

I’m at a meditation and writing retreat with Natalie Goldberg. Doing little other than:

  • Remembering to share my lunch with the hungry ghosts who are otherwise never satisfied so they’ll leave me in peace to write.
  • Sweeping the zendo floor even when it looks clean, because the practice of doing what you don’t think you need to do is good practice for writing.
  • Chewing my food 30 times, to slow down and taste it, notice it.
  • Sitting.
  • Walking.
  • Writing.
  • Reading.

Wherever you are, is there one thing you can do today that will serve your writing, or whatever your creative work is? Can you walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift and count each step slowly, noticing how it feels to climb? Can you say a prayer for your own inner critic, sending her your love and a one-way ticket to someplace far away? Can you take an hour of silence?

I’ll see you on the other side!



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