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What’s Ours is Ours? Shared prosperity through stewardship

Saturday, July 21, 2012 by Marianne Elliott

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Every now and then, especially when I’m in big cities, I find myself listening in on conversations about ‘prosperity’ or ‘abundance’ and get the distinct feeling that the people I’m listening to are speaking a different language to me.

When Bridget Pilloud asked me to contribute to a series of articles she was curating on prosperity I initally wondered if I had anything to say. And then I saw that one of the topics she was seeking an article on was ‘stewardship’ and I knew I had a LOT to say.

You can read an extract of my article below, or read the whole thing over at Bridget’s site.

What I most wanted to express is my belief that stewardship is about appreciating the true value of the resources we share, and about acknowledging and embracing our individual and shared responsibility – and ability – to manage and care for those resources in a way that will continue to sustain us all. It’s a new (and also a very old) way to think about prosperity. And I think it may just hold the secret to our future well-being. Read on!

I grew up on a farm in New Zealand. We ate the vegetables, dairy products, eggs and meat we grew or raised on our own farm. What we had in abundance we shared with friends, neighbours and family. What they had in abundance, they shared with us.

We spent our family holidays on a beautiful island in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf, because the island was a farm belonging to a family friend. We got to the island on a cattle ferry, pitched our tents on our friend’s beach and woke up to his donkeys’ braying as they ran past our tents. We fished, swam, built fires and gathered seafood.

There is no question I had an abundant childhood, although my parents lived on about $50 per week in cash. So when I think of abundance, I think first and foremost of the abundance and wealth of nature. And I think less about ownership, and more of stewardship.

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One Response to "What’s Ours is Ours? Shared prosperity through stewardship"

  1. Larry Snider says:

    I happened upon your site in my quest to get my book published. It’s all about a life in service and a quest to do something meaningful, (do my part), to end the unending Israeli/Palestinian war of attrition, a subject I’m far more then devoted to. Appreciate your words and your calm and your work very much. Will stop back.

    Many Thanks,
    Larry Snider

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