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I’m (almost) 40. Which means it’s time for you to do some yoga.

Monday, April 30, 2012 by Marianne Elliott

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On 6 May, I’ll be 40 years old.

I will be celebrating my birthday in a guesthouse in Herat, where the only people I know are highly well-behaved Afghans, and one (relatively, by Afghan standards) less well-behaved Italian.

As you might imagine, my birthday celebrations are likely to vary considerably depending on whose company I spend it in. Cake and tea. Or red wine and pasta. I’m open to either.

Either way, I have nothing but good things to say about turning 40.

I’m happier today than I was when I was 30. I’m fitter, stronger and healthier. I’m better equipped to ride the highs and lows of life. I’m kinder to myself, and therefore to others. And perhaps above all, I’m much clearer about how I want to live my life, what impact I want to have, how I want to serve.

A lot of the credit for all of that goes to yoga.

Yoga hasn’t only kept my joints well-oiled and my rear-end relatively shapely. It has taught me to see myself both more clearly and with more compassion. And it has helped me tap into depths of courage that I didn’t even realise I had.

People often ask me how I made the leap from working for large international organisations to working for myself, doing the work I love but on my own terms. The answer could easily be: Yoga.

So for my 40th birthday, what I really want to do is to share yoga with you.

I’m usually pretty gentle in my invitations to give yoga a try. But this month I’m turning 40, and I’ve decided this is my chance to claim the authority of my age and be a little bit more direct.

It’s time to get your yoga on.

I know you have a gazillion reasons why you can’t.

And I have listened to all your reasons, and created solutions for them. Because that’s what I do. I figure out what it is that’s standing in the way of you doing what it is you really want to do, and then I move it out of the way.

Pick your excuse. I’ve taken care of it for you.

You can’t because you can’t get to a yoga studio. Or because you’ve tried using DVDs at home, and find you can’t stick with them. Which is why I created ‘30 Days of Yoga‘ in the first place. So that’s taken care of.

You can’t because you don’t have enough time. Which is why I created the ‘30 Days of Yoga for People Who Are Too Busy To Do Yoga‘. So that’s taken care of.

You can’t because you’ve never done any yoga before. Which is why I created the ‘30 Days of Yoga for Beginners‘. So that’s taken care of.

You can’t because your body doesn’t look like the bodies in Yoga Magazine. You are curvier, or you have to move a bit slower, or you need a bit of extra support. Which is why Anna and I created ‘30 Days of Curvy Yoga‘. So that’s taken care of.

You can’t because the self-directed option doesn’t motivate you enough. You need to be part of a group, to connect with other people who are making the same commitment. You need live check-ins with me. Which is why I’m offering all my 30 Days of Yoga courses as a group course starting on Monday 14 May. I only do this a couple of times a year, so this is a great chance to be part of the group experience of 30 Days of Yoga.

You can’t because you don’t have $100. Which is why I set up the option of paying for the course in four weekly installments of $25. So that’s taken care of.

You can’t because you are scared. Which is why I created ‘30 Days of Courage‘ and why – for this month only – you’ll get the ’30 Days of Courage’ workbook  and audio FREE (with 30 lessons, daily practices in courage + an audio guide to courage with wisdom from brave souls like Danielle LaPorte, Chris Guillebeau, Pace Smith and Kate Swoboda) when you sign up for any of my yoga courses. So that’s taken care of too.

You see? You can do this.

And you can do it now.

Sign up for any one of my 30 Days of yoga courses now and you’ll get:

  • the 30 Days of Courage workbook and audio guide FREE
  • to start your course together with others from around the world – join an online community forum to share your experiences and get encouragement from other participants
  • four live check-in calls with me (+ one live call with Anna Guest-Jelley, co-teacher of the 30 Days of Curvy yoga course)

Registrations for this special offer are open from Sat 28 April until Sat 12 May. The course will begin on Monday 14 May.

Important note: the first week of the course is preparatory – you’ll start your actual yoga practice on Monday 21 May and go for 30 days from then, finishing on 20 June.

To sign up simply go to the registration page for the course you’d like to do and use the PayPal button to pay. For each course you have the option of paying in four weekly installments of $25.

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2 Responses to "I’m (almost) 40. Which means it’s time for you to do some yoga."

  1. Marcela says:

    Done! Signed in to the standard 30 days of yoga course:0 after almost a year of keeping with the Busy yoga practice, I’m ready for more! I can’t wait!

  2. Prime says:

    Hi Marianne,

    As someone who’s turning 40 in the next few years, this promo really resonates with me. I haven’t been practicing yoga for a while as I’m very busy and I can’t find a studio nearby. This is just what I need. Cheers!

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