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Double your joy!

Thursday, December 15, 2011 by Marianne Elliott

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I realise you have a life, and are not always glued to my Facebook or Twitter feeds (as fascinating as they are, right?). So you may have missed the news that I’m teaming up with two of my favorite people – writer Jennifer Louden and photographer and writer Susannah Conway – to lead the Creative Joy retreat in New York next year. 

It is going to be joyful, creatively potent and lots of fun. And today we are launching a very special offer ($280 worth of specialness) for anyone who signs up with a friend by 20 December.

But first, what makes me think this is going to be so special?

Well you can watch this video, or you can read on to find out (whichever you choose – make sure you read the bit at the bottom with the special offer, I don’t want you to miss that!)

Jen is special

For one thing, Jen Louden literally wrote the book on retreats for women, her The Women’s Retreat Book has helped many thousands of women find rest, refreshment and creative joy through retreat. I’ve been on retreat with Jen and the woman knows her stuff. She creates structure and space for the kind of transformation that can happen during retreat, while keeping everything easy, fun and totally accesible to someone who’s never done anything like this before. 

Jen is a best-selling author whose famous writing retreats have been called: amazing, wonderful, relaxing, needed, joyful, mindful, juicy, delicious, inviting, magical, soul-nourishing, transformational, life-altering and even life-saving. Uh huh.

Susannah is special

Susannah, in case you’ve somehow missed her, is an incredibly talented writer and photographer. She’s the author This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart, and co-author of  Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids both coming out in 2012. Susannah created Unravelling, one of the first, best and most-loved e-courses on the interwebs. More recently she also created Photo Meditations – an online course in ‘infusing your images with soul’. If anyone knows how to infuse an image with soul, it is Susannah. 
What you may not know about Susannah, is that she is also raucously funny. Her incredible elegance and style are more than matched by her sense of humour and she is about as down-to-earth as anyone you will meet anywhere. She also opened her door and her heart to me a little over five years ago when I turned up on her doorstep from Afghanistan, heart-broken, exhausted and a little bit smelly I imagine.  She’s a deeply generous soul and a very gifted teacher.

And then there is me.

At this retreat I will be teaching yoga and meditation. And since it’s kind of weird to say great things about yourself, I’ll let some of my yoga students tell you what they think of my teaching instead.

“Marianne is hands-down the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had”. – Bea

“I’ve been yoga-phobic my entire life. Marianne Elliott changed that (and my life in the process). She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve been a teacher for many years).” – Dr. Brené Brown

“You are a fab, funny, inspirational, compassionate and imperfect teacher. Above all, you make yoga accessible and fun. And an incredible journey.” – Kirstie Farmer 

“Thank you for your fearsome expertise and gentle guidance. It’s the winningest combination.” – Jo

“Marianne is so lovely, her kindness and knowledge, shined through. Marianne is a wonderful yoga teacher and change agent.” – Marlies Venier 

“Marianne, your warmth and authenticity is a breath of fresh air. The holistic approach you have to yoga is so refreshing.” – Magdalena

Here’s my version: I love yoga, and I credit yoga for much of my creativity and my joy. So it’s natural that I love to share yoga with others.

Yoga is much more to me than bendy poses, it’s a path of befriending our bodies and ourselves, meeting ourselves where we are with kindess. I know that yoga and meditation will feed your creativity and help you cultivate more joy. And I know that anyone can do yoga. If you can breath you can do yoga.

This is going to be one very special retreat.

So we thought we’d make you one very special offer.

If you and a special someone else sign up for the Creative Joy retreat between now and December 20th, we will gift you BOTH
– Your choice of my Standard, Beginners or Busy People 30 Days of Yoga course ($100 value)
– Jennifer’s Satisfaction Finder ($42)
– Susannah’s January Photo Meditations class ($138 value).

A $280 value for each of you.


You’ll both be entered into a lottery to win a one-on-one 45 minute Skype session with either Susannah, Jen or me (3 chances to win). That means private time with one of us to discuss your photography, yoga or meditation practice, or get some life/creativity/business coaching.

Note to anyone who has already registered for the retreat: you are automatically entered into the lottery but of course! Yay!

How does it work?

You can buy two spots at one time (for your mom! your daughter! your best friend!)

OR invite a friend and then in the comment section of the shopping cart please write “I am attending with” and your friend’s name.

We will send you a separate email with the download instructions for your gifts once we have received payment from you both. Easy!

Can you imagine what a gift this would be for a woman you love? OR the perfect opportunity to gather friends together and reconnect? Nourish your creative souls and create memories together.

The retreat is filling up so please take advantage of this offer now and get all this good stuff plus a chance to work with one of us personal and up close – yes you can use the two-payment option for this! Learn more and sign up here.

Important: this offer ends on Tuesday December 20th at 12 noon Pacific.

I’d love to see you there.




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  1. ohhh, what you wrote about me made me tear up!! i love you – thank you xxx

    come and join us in June, you guys!! 🙂

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