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Three reasons Karma yoga may not be right for you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011 by Marianne Elliott

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Registrations for my annual Karma edition of 30 Days of Yoga close this coming Saturday (midnight GMT, which means 5pm PST) and I know some of you are wondering if this is right for you. So I’ve been giving some thought to how I can help you decide whether or not this is right for you now.
So here are three reasons this Karma edition of 30 Days of Yoga might be right for you and three reasons why it might not be…

1. Karma Yoga is probably right for you if you’ve been thinking of doing the 30 Days of Yoga course and just need reason to get started now.

Even when we know we want to do something, even when the conditions are ripe and the price is right, sometimes we just need someone to set a deadline for us. That’s why twice a year I run timed versions of the 30 Days of Yoga course. Because ‘start whenever you want’ can sometimes be a little bit too much freedom. If you just need a good reason to start now, let this Karma edition be your reason.

2. Karma Yoga is probably right for you if you know that you do better when you are part of a big group of people making the same commitment at the same time.

Now that I’ve made all my 30 Days of Yoga courses self-directed, i.e. you can start whenever you want, they’ve become less of a community event and more of a tool for individuals to design their own home yoga practice in their own time. But some of us love, and even need, the community aspect of a new practice to help us stay motivated. If you fall into that category, then the Karma edition is a great chance to get your yoga practice going in community with lots of other people.

3. Karma Yoga is probably right for you if you are confident that the 30 Days of Yoga course is right for you, but the price wasn’t quite right.

If you have been sure about the rightness of 30 Days of Yoga for a while but felt that the price was just too low (or too high) to feel like the perfect fit for you right now, then the Karma edition is the perfect chance for your to sign up for the course at your right price. I’m not going to lie, it makes my day when people sign up and adjust the price up. But I am also thrilled that people can adjust the price down and make this course something they can afford to do right now.
Remember, the more you pay the more I’m able to donate to these amazing causes. So feel free to be generous! But also feel free to choose the price that is just-right for you.
Plus – a bonus reason!

4. Karma Yoga is probably right for you if you love the idea of taking care of yourself AND supporting these great causes at the same time.

Remember that 60% of what you pay will be donated to Voice of Women Afghanistan and to Off the Mat, Into the World NZ. But this course is not going to be right for everyone right now. Here are three reasons the Karma edition of 30 Days may not be right for you now.

1. Karma yoga is probably not for you if you aren’t really sure about whether or not you are ready to commit to a daily yoga practice, but think maybe you should just sign up because you can get it cheap.

Let’s start by being really kind to ourselves. Everyone does this sometimes. I’ve done it. Sometimes I’ll see something that I’m not 100% sure I am ready to commit to, but because it is ‘on sale’ or available at a ‘pay-what-you-can’ price I think I’ll get it for cheap and see if it’s right for me.
But here’s why I don’t want you to do that: this course is all about making a commitment to yourself and then keeping it, with my help. If you sign up just because you think it’s a steal but are not really committed then you will not get the benefit of the course and, most importantly, you’ll be weakening your confidence and trust in your own ability to keep commitments to yourself.

2. Karma yoga is probably not for you if you have never ever done any yoga before and need to start at the very beginning.

I have a special beginners course designed just for people who have never ever done any yoga before – people who don’t know the front of their yoga mat from the back. This Karma course will be suitable for you if you have even the vaguest notion of yoga. If you’ve experimented with a yoga DVD for example, feel free to sign up. But if you really want to start from scratch, then my beginners course is probably better for you.

3. Karma yoga is probably not for you if you are recovering from a major injury or surgery.
Therapeutic yoga can be a really powerful part of your recovery process, but therapeutic yoga requires one-on-one consultation and isn’t something I can provide as part of the 30 Days of Yoga experience. I do, however offer one-on-one yoga coaching as part of the standard 30 Days of Yoga course and I plan to launch a one-on-one yoga coaching service in the coming month so please get in touch if you think that might be right for you.
So there you have it. Three reasons Karma yoga might be perfect for you right now, and three reasons it’s probably not right for you. I hope that helped. If you think this is the right course at the right time for you, remember to sign up before midnight GMT on Saturday (which means before 5pm PST!) and we’ll all get started together on Tuesday!


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