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Silent sky – New Mexico

Saturday, August 6, 2011 by Marianne Elliott

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In silence, under this big sky, I am trying to write. It is harder than it looks. And it helps me to be reminded that Papa Hemingway struggled too. And that Natalie Goldberg, our teacher, struggles too.

If you feel alone in your struggle today, remember that under this big sky we are all struggling, in our own way. And we are all trying our best. And remember to be kind. Yes, to you too.



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4 Responses to "Silent sky – New Mexico"

  1. What a great reminder. I never think of Natalie Goldberg struggling. This must mean Mary Oliver occasionally does, too. And Georgia O’Keefe, another lover of New Mexico, struggled.

    Breathing deeply, gratefully.

  2. Shaista says:

    Well, just exactly what I needed to hear tonight. We are all struggling, as you say, but some make it look easier than others?! Mary Oliver and Georgia O’Keefe in the comment above are two of my favourite artists, and their struggles are evident in their poems and paintings.
    Sometimes the blogging world, which never sleeps, and seems permanently endlessly creative, tires me. I feel as though I can never keep up, and yet am compelled to. The vast expanse of Mexico sky helped you write something lovely for us 🙂 It is night now for me, so will be kind to self tonight and tomorrow!

  3. Lubna says:

    Sometimes a smiley says it better than words.

  4. melissa says:

    this photo is hauntingly gorgeous. love to you as you write, dream, breathe, rest and connect with the story already written on your body. and thank you for the wise guidance…to be kind (as we all struggle and are connected through our common humanity).

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