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Some fabulous people from around the world (wide web)

Friday, June 17, 2011 by Marianne Elliott

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I’ve been wanting to tell you about so many things lately that I realised it was time for a kind of a “round-up of fabulous people who I think you’re going to love” post, so here it is.

First up, let’s be clear on this, none of these are affiliate links, I’m sharing this list because these people are helping me and I think they might help you and what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share that? Right?

So here they are:

Hiro Boga

Hiro provides energy alchemy for evolutionary entrepreneurs. She asks “How do we serve love, sustainability and wholeness in business?” and then helps you answer that through transformative energy work you can develop a clearer vision, honor your deepest values, and “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I’m guessing you don’t need me to explain why I love Hiro, she’s the midwife of the kind of change-makers I believe the world needs to be healed and be whole. One day I plan to work with Hiro one-on-one, and right now I’m soaking up her incredible insight through the Dreaming in the Dark course.

Bridget Pilloud

Some of you might already know Bridget (she’s intuititivebridge on Twitter), and others might remember her as the really wise woman on the Mindful Social Media call I did earlier this year. I’ve been following Bridget for a long time but just recently I started making a point of reading all her posts and WOW, this woman has some insight. This post about how the words we hate most to hear about ourselves are masks for our own unmet needs helped make sense of the hardest part of my week, and gave me specific tools to find a different way to handle this hardness. I highly recommend Bridget’s site and suspect I’ll be wanting to work with her more directly in the not-to-distant future too.

Tara Gentile

Tara was on that Mindful Social Media call too – in fact she was the mastermind behind it. Meeting Tara and Bridget (because I already the others) was the best part of being invited to be part of that call.

Tara’s website says “You bring the passion, I’ll show you the profit.” And from all accounts that is exactly what she does. Why does that matter to me? Because part of how I’m going to be a force for good in the world is by being able to sustain myself with integrity. At the moment I’m getting a taste of Tara’s smart approach to money through her new guide The Art of Earning.

Here’s what Bridget (Pilloud) had to say about The Art of Earning:

Tara Gentile’s The Art of Earning is an intelligent treatise on our relationship with money. Her gentle questions guide us to approach money and work with natural authenticity and grace.

Thanks mostly to my parents, I’ve always had a fairly healthy relationship with money, but now that I have to set my own prices and ask people to pay me what my work is worth I sometimes get stuck. I’m grateful for Tara’s insights and – yes, again – hope to work with her one-on-one in the not too distant future.

Bindu Wiles

Okay – so Bindu shouldn’t be news to you. I write, tweet and talk about her all the time because I love her. She’s a tie-and-blazer-wearing bundle of enthusiasm, sweetness, smarts and kindness – and she’s a bicycle-riding Buddhist who writes. Did I mention I love her? Okay I did, and that’s no longer news. But here’s what is new – she has a vision for a new collective intention for our use of social media, and it’s: Creating Enlightened Society

Because we are each powerful – every one of us – whether or not we have a gazillion followers on Twitter. And we can use that power to create a society that promotes the qualities of wakefulness, fearlessness, and gentleness.

I’m in. I’ve already offered to wash pots at her Santa Fe summit next year. I’ll do whatever I need to, I’m in.

Kate Northrup

I ‘met’ Kate through Bindu, which was a very good start. And since then I’ve been struck by Kate’s infectious enthusiasm for life and her stellar writing. I can’t wait to meet her in person (and plan to do so at Bindu’s Santa Fe summit for Creating Enlightened Society) but until then I’m lapping up her dispatches from her Freedom Tour. This week she reminded me that the only problem with things not working out the way I thought (not even a little bit!) is that I’m not seeing how wonderful things have turned out anyway. Check Kate out, she’ll shine some light on your day.

Willo O’Brien

I met Willo when she took part in one of my 30 Days of Yoga courses and her delightfulness actually radiated across the miles, through the electronic magic that makes email work and right into my home. So I was very quick to say yes when she askled me to be part of her new project, Willo Toons Connect – a series of video interviews with people who have created businesses from their passion about how we got started, stay connected, and take care of ourselves.

Here’s her fabulous trailer:

And while we’re watching videos, the lovely Hana Kamm from She’s Next asked me to make a video about leading change. I’ve been learning a lot lately about leading change even when you think you are not ready, not perfect or not enough – so visit She’s Next to catch my three lessons on leading change.


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5 Responses to "Some fabulous people from around the world (wide web)"

  1. Hiro Boga says:

    Marianne, I’m honored — thank you! The work you do is of deep service to the Soul of the World.

    Many blessings and so much love to you,


  2. What a great post… it just pulsates with heat and light. Thank you.

  3. Marianne, you’re such a delicious soul! I heart you! :: Erika

  4. Bahieh K. says:

    This is just lovely Marianne.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.


  5. Willo says:

    Wow… what an incredible group of aware movers & shakers. I’m humbled & honored.

    I wrote this in reply to your lovely comment on my announcement post, but I will gladly say it again: Thank you, Marianne!

    I’m so incredibly delighted you (and your spirit) are a part of WilloToons Connect. I can’t say enough about how much your course has touched my life, specifically around my creative sustainability. My at home yoga practice has been invaluable. You’re getting the biggest hug when you come to visit in August!! 🙂

    Big love

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