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R-Rated Self-Care + G-Rated Yoga Coaching

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 by Marianne Elliott

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Take F*cking Care of Yourself (aka My Serious Face)

So last week’s R-Rated Self-Care Rant went down well with you all, huh?

I guess we all need a reminder to take care of ourselves sometimes. I know I do. In fact, when my boyfriend watched the video he suggested I play it for myself a couple of times a day.

You will all be pleased to read that today I did indeed get off my f*cking computer and go for a f*cking walk. I also did some f*cking yoga, including some of my favorite f*cking chanting. So all is well. Thanks for asking.

Some of you asked if you could have an mp3 version of the rant to use as an alarm clock or on your computer. I have no idea how you would do that, but if you know how, here is the mp3 file:

R Rated Self Care Rant (right or control click to download)

G-Rated Yoga Coaching :: 30 Days of Yoga

In other news, I’ve added yet another new feature to my online yoga courses. As of today, you can add two hours of one-to-one email coaching to your standard or beginners 30 Days of Yoga course.

If you are doing the course without the additional coaching, I’m still available to answer quick questions if you’re stuck in your practice. But some of you know that you are going to want a bit more help. If you’d like my one-on-one help to choose the right practice for you, you anticipate that you’ll have lots of questions about your practice, you have unusual challenges, or if you simply would like to have a bit of one-on-one time with me by email through your 30 days, I’m now available to coach you by email. More information here.

PS: If you want your yoga coaching to include the kind of boot-camp approach I use in the R-Rated Self Care Rant you’ll have to specifically ask. My usual modus operandi is to be kind above all else, and the swearing is most certainly not standard issue. Occasional R-rated rants aside, 30 Days of Yoga remains the kinder way to get yourself into a home yoga practice.

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