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How the Christchurch Earthquake is opening hearts and raising consciousness all over New Zealand

Saturday, March 5, 2011 by Marianne Elliott

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Guest post by Kara-Leah Grant, creator of The Yoga Lunchbox

In conversations with friends and family up and down the country over the last two weeks, there’s a palpable feeling of change in the air.

As owner of Dunedin Yoga Studio Emma Furness emailed to me yesterday:

This awakening thing is getting closer – someone here recently had a kundalini awakening, people are ready to pop off all over the show!

Now maybe it’s just me, because my wide circle of friends and acquaintances are mostly heart-open, consciousness-awake kinda people… or maybe things truly are a-shiftin’.

What are you noticing in your life? Do people seem more present? More open? More connected? More aware of the Truth of life?

Here in New Zealand, we’re witnessing an enormous out-pouring of compassion, kindness, love, concern, prayers, gratitude and connection because of the Christchurch earthquake.

Now we’re a small country, 4 million people or so. Christchurch is our second biggest city at 375,000 people. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. Over 200 people died, many more were injured, thousands lost their homes, jobs, and businesses.

Each one of us is connected to someone who has suffered.

This intimacy of connection, combined with New Zealand’s small size and generally cohesive culture, has shown us the natural instincts that arise when people are in danger.

We open our hearts and we offer whatever we can, even when we don’t have much ourselves.

Another friend of mine remarked on this:

But that’s just the way it’s always been. You catch ten crayfish and by the time you make it home, there’s only one left.

Yet I don’t reckon it’s the way we think about ourselves anymore.

I reckon that because of the steady diet of violence, crime, war, poverty, environmental destruction, and corporate shenanigans that we’re fed through our mainstream media… I reckon must of us had forgotten this.

We’d forgotten that we humans all feel the same grief, the same pain, the same loss.

We’d also forgotten that we naturally feel each other’s grief, pain and loss.

And that when we do, our natural, instinctive response is to help out, to comfort, to do what we can, to be loving and kind and compassionate.

It’s certainly what’s happened here in New Zealand over the last two weeks.

Up and down the country, in a myriad of small, medium, large and gigantic gestures, people are coming together to do what they can.

Less than a day after I posted an article on How the Yoga Lunchbox community can tangibly support the Christchurch holistic health community, my sister’s Christchurch business Wholebody Health had a substantial sponsorship from Wellington business Bright Communications. This money will help Lori-Ellen offer healing treatment to those who need it most.

It’s just one example of the innovative ways of connecting and caring going on all over New Zealand right now.

It’s something worth noticing. And it’s something worth celebrating. As a nation – made up of people from all over the world mind you – we can be proud of ourselves.

And as a nation, I believe we will reap enormous on-going benefits from the acts of love, compassion, kindness and generosity that abound right now.

Take a moment to visualize New Zealand with a bird’s eye view, just three small islands floating on the ocean blue.

All that love, all the kindness, all that compassion, all that generosity – it’s saturating the energetic grid above and around in New Zealand right now.

And those emotions, and those outpourings of generosity, they’re all of a higher vibration. That means that up and down the country right now, we’re all standing under the same sky of higher consciousness.

Together, as a country, because of Who We Are, we’ve collectively and effortlessly raised the vibration of our country.

Tell me you don’t feel it.

Maybe it took a national disaster like an earthquake to remind us of this – to remind us of Who We Truly Are. But if we can stop for a minute in the middle of our collective outpourings of generosity and see, really see what’s going on…then I believe we’ll be able to maintain this higher consciousness as a matter of course.

Heart-open and connected, it will just be who New Zealanders are.

It’s who we’ve always been after all.

It’s just that some of us have been hiding away, some of us have been afraid, and some of us had forgotten.

The earthquake didn’t just shake down the walls of Christchurch’s CBD.

It shook down the walls around our hearts.

Christchurch will be rebuilt.

Let’s keep the walls around our hearts down.

About Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah’s the creator of The Yoga Lunchbox, mother to a toddler and living a damn fine life in the beautiful isles of Aotearoa. She writes a regular column on the conscious life of a yogini called Musings from the Mat.

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2 Responses to "How the Christchurch Earthquake is opening hearts and raising consciousness all over New Zealand"


  2. adan says:

    for those unfamiliar with kara-leah or her site the yoga lunchbox, i’ve only been following her a few months, but what a consistently authentic voice she is

    and our hearts and prayers to all struggling with the earthquake aftermaths; we get hurricanes here in galveston, and the recovery is almost always long requiring lots of faith and persistence

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