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Registration now open for October 30 days of yoga – the Karma edition

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 by Marianne Elliott

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My 30 days of yoga courses are a gentle path to a more compassionate relationship with your own body and spirit, and they are sparking a kindness revolution. This October, I’m taking the revolution even further.

30 Days of Yoga: the Karma edition

Every dollar spent on the October session of my 30 days of yoga course will be donated to support projects addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa. (NB: The money will be donated via the Engage Network, the parent organization and 501(c)(3) for Off the Mat, Into the World. For more information on how the money will be distributed and spent, please read on here.)

Yup, every dollar. Not the profits. Not 10%. Not even 50%. I will be donating everything.

But the donations are not the only way in which the Karma edition differs from previous 30 days of yoga. I’m also offering the course on a pay-what-you-can basis. This is designed to give everyone a chance to take part, no matter what their resources, and at the same time, to allow you to be as generous as you can to the great cause we are supporting.

The special offer will only be available for a limited time. Registrations open tonight and they will close on Sunday 3 October. Sign up now and, please, donate as generously as you can.

Why am I doing this?

In some ways it doesn’t make sense. I’ve invested so much time and money setting up this course. I’ve finally covered all my expenses and could start making some money from it. So why decide to give it all away?

It’s because I now know why 30 days of yoga was born. I never planned this course. It created itself out of a random invitation I made on my blog one day, calling on people to join me in a 30 day yoga commitment. It has grown in ways I never imagined and as I’ve watched it grow (and worked my ass off to make it the best I could), I have sometimes wondered what it was all about. Where did it come from? How did it fit into my purpose?

Part of my purpose is to spread the revolution of kindness, to free people from the tyranny of fear and self doubt and help them find the courage to become a force for good in the world. 30 days of yoga has become a big part of how I do that. I teach the transformative yoga of self-kindness, and it really does help set people free.

But free to do what? I hope it sets people free to serve others, to live a life of courageous compassion, to create positive change.

Which is where the Karma edition of the 30 days comes in. This is an opportunity for you to deepen your own yoga practice, your practice of self-care, at the same time as you help create positive change in the world. It’s the coming together of two incredibly important parts of my life and I really, really hope you’ll be part of it.

More information:

For any more questions about the 30 days of yoga, see the 30 days website and check out these FAQs.

For any more questions about the projects we’ll be supporting through the 30 days Karma edition, check out this page.


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7 Responses to "Registration now open for October 30 days of yoga – the Karma edition"

  1. Swirly says:

    You are an extraordinary force of nature!

  2. Therese says:

    what a generous gift you are offering – on so many levels.

  3. Heather says:

    This is an amazing idea and blessing, I have signed up. I was wondering if at a later time we would like to donate more can we? This came at the perfect time when I decided I really need to recommit to my health.. Thanks again

  4. Peter says:

    …and I’m sure the abundance you give out will come back to you in profoundly beautiful and unexpected ways!!

  5. Marianne Elliott says:

    Heather – that’s something I hadn’t thought of but it’s a lovely idea and I’ll make sure everyone knows that they can make an additional donation via the ChipIn page at any time.

    Peter – The abundance I receive from our sangha here in Wellington is the source of my ability to give to the wider sangha online. And so it goes.

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