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Change-maker interview with Danielle LaPorte

Friday, August 20, 2010 by Marianne Elliott

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Danielle La Porte. To get an idea of the kind of white hot truth this woman has on tap, check out her latest post, ‘your permission slip from the universe‘. Danielle brings compassion, truth and blazing love to creative entrepreneurship. She’s a feminine powerhouse, a spiritual business advisor, a truth-teller, a mother and a friend. She’s this week’s change-maker. (Photo credit: Anastasia Photography)

1. What is it that breaks your heart? What are you doing about it?

My heart gets broken every day and I don’t want to do anything about it, really. If my heart doesn’t get broken, then I’m asleep or jaded, or worse, indifferent. Bookstores break my heart (they shatter me, really); the homeless guy on my corner who has a pet pigeon; the new mommy riding the elevator with a screaming baby and an armful of grocery bags; Bach; my kid when he realizes that people can do courageous, mean, and amazing things.

2. What fills you with joy?

There are times when I feel like I’m in the center of the center of it All — the heart of the whole messy beautiful perfect matter. It’s beyond words. And when my boy comes up out of the blue and says, “Mama, I just love you,” and bounces away, well…talk about beyond.

3. What do you do to take care of yourself?

I’ve been doing a bit of “work” with a Buddhist Lama and he’s assigned me to recite a particular heart sutra 100,000 times. Since I have no intention of dropping out of modern life and meditating 8 hours a day, this will take me years. And…it’s one of the most profound acts of self care that I’ve ever committed to.

4. This blog is a kind of a watering hole for Saviours of the World in various states of recovery. What words of White Hot Truth do you have for us all?

You have to accept something in order to evolve it. For me, making a difference is more likely to happen from active compassion, than resistance. Even in the worst circumstances, an iota of compassion for everyone involved helps to burn away the mind fog and make room for your intelligence to act.

5. Many of us, especially from the not-for-profit world, are uncomfortable with ideas like brands, marketing, self-promotion and even money. But you say ‘It’s about generosity’. I love that idea and I find it provocative. Tell me more.

Be proud of what you’re giving. Be clear about your intention (and intention counts for so very, very much.) From that foundation you can wave your flag, sell your story, and lead your tribe with conviction and liberty. If you’re not proud, you can’t be as effective.

And a bonus, question 6. You described your Fire Starter Sessions digital book as being for people with an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’. What does that mean to you?

Well, I think most of us who identify as “entrepreneurs” became entrepreneurs because we don’t like being told what to do. And THAT attitude crosses all sorts of boundaries. When you throw in an insatiable appetite to make things happen — to create, create, create — then you’ve got the stuff of art and enterprise.

Danielle’s Firestarter Sessions have been a big hit with everyone to whom I’ve recommended them, and with many others.

“Danielle LaPorte’s passion for her mission leaps off the page, and reading a few chapters of this book will ignite you into action.”

– Gretchen Rubin, author, The Happiness Project

“The Fire Starter Sessions is the new, bad-ass Artist’s Way.”

– Linda Sivertsen, co-author, Harmonic Wealth, and Generation Green

A taste of the fiery goodness

I endorse the Firestarter sessions whole-heartedly, and am proud to be an affiliate for Danielle’s awesomeness. But if you are unsure about taking a leap into the whole Firestarter deal, Danielle this week released one chapter of the sessions as a stand-alone ‘taster’. You can now buy ‘True Strengths and the Metric of Ease’ for $20. I had a personal ‘aha’ moment with the metrics of ease and have been enjoying the ease of following my true passions ever since. You can get this chapter by clicking the image below.


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2 Responses to "Change-maker interview with Danielle LaPorte"

  1. Alex says:

    I love seeing Danielle here and love even more reading her answers to your questions! Especially the first. I agree wholeheartedly… Would not have it any other way. I am all about my broken passionate heart! Such a great interview. Thank you!

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