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So much good, I had to make a list

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Marianne Elliott

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This seems like the kind of week that my lovely agent would approve of, if I remember to tell her about it.

First up, I’m the subject of a feature article in the delicious new Delish magazine out today. Delish is the brain and heart child of my friend Emma Alvarez Gibson and some of her talented friends. You can find me on pages 16 and 17. In the interview Emma asked me: “Who or what has shaped your current decade?” My answer was:

Afghanistan. The country, it’s people, it’s stories, it’s pain. I lived and worked in Afghanistan for two years as a human rights advocate. It changed me. After Afghanistan I move and speak more slowly. I know my own strength. I know my own shadow. I am sadder. I am more joyful. I am grateful every day for the peace and security we enjoy in New Zealand.

Check out the full interview and the rest of this beautiful and smart magazine. Don’t miss the wonderful article on the influence our childhood reading has on us as adults, by my fellow Kiwi, Sophie Fern. I also loved the great answers to readers’ questions provided by the fabulous Dyana Valentine (Delish DyVa).

Next up, I’m the guest at an ‘Inspiration Interview’ with Dr Brene Brown, the author of ‘I Though It Was Just Me’ the book that has kept me reading late into the night in recent months. Brene offers grounded research to support what we all already know, that we are more resilient to shame when we are connected to our networks of support.

She also says lovely things about my 30 days of yoga programme:

For many years my personal mantra was “I hate yoga.” I tried and tried to like it, but it always made me feel “less than” and somehow not cool enough. Marianne talked me into trying her 30 Days of Yoga course. I was nervous and cynical (in that self-protective kinda way), but I did it.

The course was amazing! I filled out a questionnaire about my body, spirit, and life, and Marianne made me a personalized video. I can’t tell you how much I loved having her in the room with me and knowing that she had thoughtfully crafted a class just for me.

She is the best teacher that I’ve ever experienced (I know that’s a weird way to phrase it, but if you take this course you’ll see what I mean). And . . . I think it’s fair to say that I’m a little addicted to the sun salutation and these hip poses that have allowed me to start running again.

I’m inspired by Marianne’s commitment to nurturing the most important things in our lives – our spirit, our bodies, and peace.

If you think that this kind of approach to yoga might be for you, registrations are now open for a 30 days of yoga beginning on 12 June. I’d love to have you join me.

The gorgeous Kelly Diels even gives me a shout-out in her post on ‘Getting Unstuck’. My response to her previous post about getting stuck was all about how I think we often jump to the conclusion that we are ‘stuck’ when maybe we are just in the ‘germinating’ part of the life cycle of our creative seeds.

Also on my VERY GOOD NEWS pile this week:

  • Maggie Doyne just announced that she has raised all the money she needs for the new vehicle for Kopila Valley Children’s Home. Thanks so much to everyone who made a contribution.
  • I’ll be following up my latest change-maker interview with Peter Casier with a live Twitter chat with Peter at 1.00am GMT on Thursday 20 May. You can find us by using the #zpchats hashtag
  • Remember Chris Guillebeau? If you missed it, check out my change-maker interview with Chris now. Chris’s mission is “to help people live unconventional lives, make their own choices, and change the world”. Today he is launching his Build Your Own Empire in 1 Year->Empire Building Kit – which isn’t as imperialist as it sounds. It’s a 365 day guide to building your own lifestyle business, making your own choices and changing the world. I bought the kit during it’s early release and I’ve found it really useful so far.
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    2 Responses to "So much good, I had to make a list"

    1. Alex says:

      So much goodness!!! I’m thrilled for all your success. Well deserved!

    2. Swirly says:

      I love your Good News list!! So excited for you.

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