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30 days of yoga – June

Thursday, May 20, 2010 by Marianne Elliott

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I’ve referred to it here and there, but I haven’t actually told you all about the new 30 days of yoga, which will start on 12 June (the new moon).

I’ve made some changes to the 30 days of yoga course so that now:

– You can still choose between the “Exactly What You Need” option (which comes with a yoga practice selected just for you and costs $100) and the “I Know What I Need” option (for people who have their own yoga practice but want encouragement to establish their home practice, which costs $30).

– For those of you getting the video, you’ll also have access to an audio file of the practice (which you can upload to your mp3 player or iPhone) and a written overview, which is great once you’ve done the practice a few times and just need a reminder.

– All the files (video, audio, word) can be downloaded to your own computer so you get to keep them forever.

– As before, you’ll get regular emails from me. I’ve been through the process of establishing my own home practice, and then having to re-establish it, myself so I have some ideas about the barriers and challenges you might come up against. My messages are written to gently support you through those barriers.

– New to this 30 days: a community page where you can connect with other participants in the 30 day process. This is completely optional, but feedback from the previous courses suggested that people got a lot of encouragement from knowing there were other people around the world also committing to their yoga practice at the same time. Now you can encourage each other directly.

– Extra yogic treats that I’ve found are really helpful for people as they establish a regular home practice (including a guide to a restorative practice, which makes a good alternative to your usual practice if you are sick or especially tired).

– And as always, you can contact me by email any time with any questions. I’m happy to help you find alternative practices if your conditions change (if you get sick during the 30 days or have to travel).

If you think that the 30 days might be for you but you’d like to hear from people who’ve done it, then you can read Annie’s Top 10 Reasons to Try 30 Days of Yoga. I was very touched by Annie’s post. Here is an extract:

Marianne is very accessible and there are no generic responses. She gives you the individual respect you deserve, where ever you are–mentally and physically–without judgment. She guides you through the necessary steps which lead to a yoga practice as you wanted to experience.

But my favorite reason, not surprisingly, is number 7: You get real love:

Marianne’s yoga newsletters “checking in on you” during the 30 days should cost extra. Really. These are not generic feel good platitudes about how yoga gets you a pass on life. She shares personal insights, wisdom from other yogis, and other great information, to get you back to your intention. Her advice is not over the rainbow but right there. Consistently. You literally feel her kind, compassionate, sincere presence throughout your journey.

That’s why I created this course, to bring kindness and compassion to your yoga experience. Thanks, Annie, for getting it and for sharing it.

Also up this week was the lovely post from Brene Brown, which I mentioned earlier this week. Given how much I admire Brene’s powerful work on shame resilience, it means a lot to me that she enjoyed my teaching.

She is the best teacher that I’ve ever experienced. And . . . I think it’s fair to say that I’m a little addicted to the sun salutation and these hip poses that have allowed me to start running again.

I’m inspired by Marianne’s commitment to nurturing the most important things in our lives – our spirit, our bodies, and peace.

Here are some of the other comments I have had from participants in the 30 days of yoga:

It’s wonderful! Honestly, you couldn’t have known my entire history and written a better program for me there. When I first did [the pose], I honestly almost cried. I’ve NEVER come across that before in any of my classes or books and it’s EXACTLY what I need. – Cath

I’m so crazy about the way you teach. It’s absolutely different than every teacher I’ve ever tried. When you do the three “oms” – it makes me teary. I understand everything you’re talking about and I feel inspired. You’re amazing. – Dr Brene Brown

I would really like to thank you for this 30 days of yoga. It has inspired me so much, and motivated me to continue with the practice. The poses you chose for me, were really great, just what i needed. You are certainly a very good teacher who is honest and dares to show her vulnerable side. Thank you for that. – Nicole

Marianne is hands-down the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. – Bea

YOU have sorted out my tight hamstrings. I am on day 6 of my ‘30 days of yoga’ and already feel marvelous, thank you so much. My mother loves you too and says you are way better than her regular yoga teacher – Emily

The good news in short is that I am coping better thanks to the 30 days of yoga. I think my anxiety level is lower. Just wanted to tell you that you really did help me. – Heida

My 30 days has been really amazing. It has been exactly what I need to center myself again, and I am more excited about getting on my mat than I have ever been. Actually, its been a long time since I was excited to practice! So thank you also for sparking this in me. – Taisuke

It’s been a real pleasure to share these 30 days of yoga with you. I’ve learned a lot about my body, myself and about how yoga can help me through other aspects of life… and that’s exactly what I was hoping! – Laura

These past 30 days I have been very observant of myself, my actions, my reactions, and I have been discovering things about myself, things that I need to change and ways to change them. Thank you for the prompt to take a good, long look inside and really see what was going on in there. It’s something I have needed to do for a long time. – Jen

If you think this might be for you, you can join now by choosing your preferred option on this page.


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  1. Leana says:

    Annie’s post has gotten me so excited to begin, I can hard wait for June 12th!!

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