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30 days of yoga week three: Getting stronger

Friday, February 5, 2010 by Marianne Elliott

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For the week that I was hiking my yoga practice was simple, thirty
minutes of legs up the wall morning and night together with a
scattering of hip, hamstring, calf and foot stretches to keep my body
from seizing up. What I found interesting was the way my body reacted
to the effort of the hike.

At the end of the first full day of walking with a heavy pack my back,
neck and shoulders were aching. I was a little worried to be perfectly
honest. We had many miles to go and the toughest section (a climb up
and over a mountain pass) was still ahead of me. Would my body be able
to handle it?

But by the end of day two I felt better, rather than worse. My muscles
were starting to get the message that they were expected to carry more
weight than they were accustomed to and they were rising to the

By day three I felt like I could walk forever and my pack,
which admittedly was a little lighter thanks to the food I had eaten,
felt as light as a feather. By day four I was transformed into mountain
woman. I didn't want to stop!

Isn't it interesting how much more our bodies are capable of than what
we generally require of them. The truth is I could almost hear the
groans of pleasure as my body stretched and flexed its way towards its
strongest self. I realised that it is my mind rather than my body that
determines my limits most of the time. Given space to find its own
limits my body went much further than my mind would have predicted.

Three weeks into your 30 days of yoga, is your body starting to find
its own strength? What differences have you noticed in your body and


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4 Responses to "30 days of yoga week three: Getting stronger"

  1. Emily Perry says:

    I think this is exactly what i have noticed after these three weeks of daily practice- i find that my body wants to move a bit beyond my comfort zone, and then i find that i am doing things i didn’t think i was strong enough for. it is really exciting, actually, to see my body transform itself. i can see now, clearly, how a little everyday really does add up to more than a 1.5 hour class 1 time a week. and now it has hit me that this is probably true for just about everything. =)

  2. Anton says:

    I have noticed an incredible difference in my strength also some friends i haven’t seen for a while had also noticed this amazing sense of energy within and around me.
    I had just finished my practice on the beach, followed by a swim in the sea before a catchup at the meditation centre. I was running a little late and walked straight into a prasadam hall and started doing my mitzvah by serving passion-fruit halavah, to the 60 or so spirit souls.
    The combination of meditation, mitzvah, Prasadam and especially the 30 day yoga and regular sleep and eating go hand in hand to build up strength both Spiritualy in my heart and soul.
    Myself also a mountain climber it gives you an amazing energy to boost each day, yoga can give you the energy to follow your big dreams in life, your practice is spot on.
    I have noticed a lot of things in my mind,body and spirit, i feel stronger, lighter, grounded, and so peaceful……..what a good start to this year, and every day forward.
    Namaste 🙂

  3. Swirly says:

    This week was basically a bust for my practice, but before that the differences I felt were in the little things – my posture, being more aware of the way I stand, sit and walk, and my energy. When I do yoga on a regular basis, it absolutely grounds me and centers me (and I’ve missed that this week). And with each practice I feel my flexibility increase, which always feels so good.

  4. richenda says:

    Looking back from week 4 I realize that in week 3 I first noticed how open my joints have become. I see how my practice has been less about growing stronger and more about growing softer, more flexible in every way. My hip-openers are deeper and my breathe is more connected to my movement.

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