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Ready? Get set. Go!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 by Marianne Elliott

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I promised a special offer to kick start 2010 with your well-being front and centre. I know that 2010 is going to be another big year. Some of us have been planting the seeds of our biggest, boldest dreams. Many of us are already on the road, following our creative noses where they lead us. We are finding our passion and our purpose and we are committed to serving the world to the best of our abilities. We are changing the world one heart, one home and one young Afghan dreamer at a time.

I also know that none of us can care for our families, create our art, share our stories or save the world to the best of our abilities unless we are as well as we can possibly be. So…

Here it is. My special offer to you, my tribe of mindful, soulful activists and kick-ass change artists: 30 days of What You Need to kick start 2010!

There are three ways for you to come along on this journey with me.

  • Exactly what you need: a totally customized yoga practice, which I'll develop just for you based on your needs and your lifestyle.
  • Just what you need: you choose one of two sets of yoga practices that I've developed (one if you need to restore, release and renew and one if you are ready to energize and activate)
  • You know what you need: you come up with your own yoga practice and then join us for the 30 days of practice.

All three will work in the same awesomely simple way. You decide which suits you right now.

for me, is not about getting your head onto your knees. Yoga is
about practices that increase our peace and well-being, both on and off the mat.  That's what
I want to share with you. Here are some recent quotes from my students:

"What makes your classes special is the way that you
really connect with each of us as individuals. I always feel safe with

"If it wasn't for you we would never have tried yoga. But you make it so accessible."

"Every week I think I don't have the energy for it and then every week I leave your class feeling so relaxed and so refreshed."

How will this work?

If you choose option one: Exactly what you need here is how it will work:

  • Step one: I'll send you a simple questionnaire about your current state of mind, body and spirit and your daily routines.
  • Step two: Based on what you tell me in the questionnaire I'll develop a simple customized yoga practice for you.
  • Step three: If you are in Wellington we'll have the option of meeting in person but if you are further away I'll send you an email describing your practice and a video of me walking you through it and cheering you on.
  • Step four: We'll practice alongside each other for 30 days (starting on 15 January, with the first new moon of 2010). During that time you and I will have one personalized check-in per week (by email) where you'll ask me any questions you have about your practice and I'll give you answers and help with any changes you need to make. You'll also get weekly updates from me about the process we are all going through, tips and encouragement to keep it up.
  • Set five: At the end of 30 days I'll send you a short review sheet and we'll have a personal email check in about how it has gone for you and where you want to go next. 

If you choose Just what you need then here's how it will work:

  • I'll send you a simple questionnaire to identify which of the two practices (restorative or energizing) is going to best serve you right now.
  • Then I'll send you an email outlining your 30 day practice, with a video of me walking you through it and cheering you on. 
  • You'll also get weekly updates from me about the process we are all going through, tips and encouragement to keep it up.

If you choose option three, You know what you need, then you can still register with me so that you get the weekly updates, encouragement and tips. If you are on Twitter then I'll also give you a hashtag to use so that we can encourage each other.

What I promise you

  • If you choose Exactly what you need, then the customized practice will match your needs and your ability. E.g. if
    you tell me that you struggle to find any time to yourself I won't
    propose a 60 minute practice every morning. I might suggest two or
    three ten minute practices that you can fit in wherever possible in
    your day plus a relaxation to try when you go to bed at night.
  • You can do this even if you have never done yoga before.
  • It won't be a chore, it will be deliciously enjoyable. Sure, some
    days it will take real effort to get yourself started, but once you get
    going it will feel good. Very good.

What you promise yourself

  • If you choose options one or two, then you answer the questionnaire mindfully, set aside a good ten to fifteen minutes and let the answers come from the part of you that knows and speaks the truth.
  • You give yourself the gift of space and time to practice. I know this isn't always easy, but I'll be suggesting practices that will work with your routine and lifestyle.

What does it cost?

  • Exactly what you need will cost US$100 unless you are a NZ resident, in which case it will cost NZ$100.
  • Just what you need will cost US$50 or NZ$50 for NZ residents.
  • You know what you need is in your own hands, no costs at this end!

I want to be able to pay each of you the personal attention you deserve so there will be very limited places in the Exactly what you need package. Start 2010 off by investing in your own well-being. Register now by emailing me at fridaworld at gmail dot com.


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6 Responses to "Ready? Get set. Go!"

  1. asiyah says:

    email sent!

  2. Sara says:

    sending my email! xoxo

  3. Tara Bradford says:

    OK, this might get me to finally understand what all the fuss is about yoga. Am emailing you. xo

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    This is a great idea and I would love participate. But for the last two weeks of that moon cycle I will be in a place with no internet access, so there’s not much point me signing up. I will, however, be in a position to do lots of Yoga – so consider me there in spirit!

  5. oh marianne, this is just BRILLIANT and so perfectly, authentically, suited for you. i am so impressed. my yoga practice has been spotty at best the past six months and your devotion and enthusiam really inspire me to get back to a regular practice.
    i’m traveling in january, but perhaps i can still join you…will be in touch…
    xoxo lisa

  6. hmmm, now i’m thinking about this for my college daughter for christmas — so much better than a workout dvd…

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