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Spring Cleanse: Week Two

Monday, October 12, 2009 by Marianne Elliott

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How is it going for you?

It's been a mixed bag for me. I've been having a great time teaching myself how to sprout beans and make raw dips. My vegetable garden is at it's zenith so I'm enjoying gathering up the ingredients for my green juices and salads from my own back yard.

On the other hand I was invited out for dinner last night. It was the first time I'd met the couple and she was a French chef who had prepared a delicious, very light but not quite 'cleanse-proof', meal. I decided to eat everything she placed in front of me, including the glass of wine and the almond and chocolate layered meringue. I had no regrets, and enjoyed every bite. I decided that one night off the cleanse would hurt less than insulting the chef, who had obviously gone to a lot of trouble.

Today my mother came to visit with a home-made bran loaf, containing both wheat (wheat bran) and honey. Although I've been taking a break from gluten and all sweeteners this past week I had a small slice because I knew she had made it especially for me, avoiding white flour and processed sugar.

Tonight I was back to my piles of greens from the garden and a cup of delicious herbal tea for dessert. But I wanted to let you all know about the 'exceptions' to my cleanse because I know this is a challenge for some people – being able to make small exceptions to the plan, then letting them go and carrying on with the overall direction of the cleanse.

How are things going for you? Have you been making the time to sit in quietness and stillness every day? What does that feel like? What are your tips or suggestions? What have you noticed about being caffeine, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy and/or meat free? Are you eating more raw? How does that feel? What else have you decided to let go of this week?



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10 Responses to "Spring Cleanse: Week Two"

  1. B says:

    I’m doing well with food, it’s surprisingly easy, but I confess I’ve been avoiding meeting people for dinner or lunch as that makes it impossible… Coffee, though, I haven’t been able to give up. I’ve failed miserably, I think because it’s the beginning of winter here, it’s more difficult as mornings are getting quite dark and I really need something to help wake up. I think I’ll try again the coffee cleanse in the European spring!

  2. asiyah says:

    Spent the weekend and ahem, let’s say it was a cleanse pause. i enjoyed laughing and chatting, so i don’t regret it.
    Coffee has still been an issue for me and tea doesn’t give me the kick that i have come to expect before I start my day so I’m struggling with that. I’m looking forward to doing my morning prayers again and enjoying some time to reflect.

  3. I am trying to give up thoughts and preconcieved notions of what and how the world is. Giving up certain foods has never helped clear my mind of muddled mental stories – only sitting and being does that.

  4. amy says:

    i’ve made a rather halfhearted attempt at this spring cleanse. i’m a little bit cranky with myself for not having the discipline. but i know that feeling that way won’t actually help. i need to make some quiet time to think about why.

  5. Anne-Marie says:

    Hey Marianne and fellow cleansers.
    Weekends seem to be turning in to cleanse-free zones for me. Bummer. But that’s how it is. I have the coming weekend to myself so hope to be more focused.
    I’m finding the caffeine thing easier than I expected. I still have my morning black tea and love it! But the rest of the day is just a cup or two of either herbal or DIVINE decaf chai green tea.
    Sugar … not so good. I mean, my flatmate is a baker and comes home with more cheescake, carrot cake and shortbread than you can shake a stick at!
    I figure this cleanse is a baby step for me, cos I’ve never done it before. Next time it will be two baby steps. Before I know it, I’ll be cleansing on a whole month of spinach! Yeah right!

  6. Lala says:

    yummy black bean salad, with a whole avocado and some organic micro greens for lunch today.
    then, went to my sister’s as they were having Chinese food for lunch, so i had a little nibble.
    my body didn’t digest that cooked food very well…as i shoveled wheelbarrow loads of gravel for their backyard path project, i didn’t feel the vibrant burst of energy that i might have if i had stopped at the delicious little salad i had made myself…
    oh well.
    not an ounce of alcohol or caffeine for me since i started.
    a little sugar here and there – but i am still going pretty strong…loving the warm soups more and more lately.
    thanks, all, for your company and “real” inspiration.

  7. Imohena says:

    Hmm….. I am in the field this week, so not doing so well either. But I am glad to hear I am not alone. My will power is not so much the problem, its more the limited options of being in an extremely poor country. I buy bananas for lunch in the villages. Dinner this week has been fufu and potato greens with fish from Lake Tanganika. Thats not so bad I guess is it?! When I haven’t been able to find bottled water (only once so far) I have resorted to fizzy drinks. Marianne – I think our next challenge is to devise a cleanse for people living in warzones…its always a challenge to eat well and get enough exercise in places like this, as you know all too well! I think just being aware of what I am eating and how important it is to take care of myself (especially somewhere like this) is great for me though, so thank you!

  8. JennyB says:

    Okay this is officially my week two. I have rocked it on the no tea and no alcohol. I have been eating mostly vegetables etc., but have still been eating things like dark chocolate and potato chips which I must now give up on for the rest of the cleanse. Potato chips are my weakness although I have given them up for long periods of time before.
    I have been making time to sit and write down what I am grateful for every day which I used to do and got out of the habit of so this cleanse has gotten me back in the habit, thank you!
    This weekend, I started doing stretches and yoga again. That again is something that I do in cycles, but I need to do it all the time. I bought a rug for the living room and that is making it easier for me to motivate to do the stretching etc. because doing that sort of stuff on a hardwood floor is no fun. So, I am only two days into it, but this would be something I keep doing after the cleanse.
    Here’s to getting ALL the sugar and fried stuff out for the rest of the month. And if I make an exception, it will be for a good reason! x

  9. JennyB says:

    Okay I have to add this. Even though I hadn’t taken out sugar completely yet, but I had given up caffeine and alcohol, and I actually think I am now losing weight! And, I haven’t even taken out the sugar yet! (Till today… I started with that today — ). Yesterday, I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a while and she said “you look thinner!” and I was like “whaaaa?” and so I got on a scale this morning and I think I lost at least 5 pounds in the last couple of weeks, no lie! I think caffeine really does affect your hormones which affect your metabolism, and of course alcohol has sugar in it and I was drinking more than I should, so even though I still need to take some stuff out of my diet for the rest of the month, the changes I have made, are making a difference!

  10. cleanse says:

    your colon can become quite clogged from years of eating bad foods such as: fatty meat, sweet and starchy dishes.

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