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Spring Cleanse: Week Three – Clearing Space

Monday, October 19, 2009 by Marianne Elliott

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We are half-way there! I've you've cut out or cut back on anything that you felt wasn't really doing you much good then I'd love to hear how you are going. My biggest changes were to cut right back on anything with processed sugar in it (no Deluxe cafe oatie slices this month, sigh) and alcohol. Last time I did a cleanse, at the beginning of winter, I had been feeling much more unbalanced and I was giving up caffeine so the whole experience was quite a bit more intense. This time I'm taking things a little bit easier, making exceptions for special occasions and focusing on clearing space in other areas of my life as well. 

The idea of clearing space has been coming up for me a lot lately. It is part of the Mondo Beyondo process of making room for your deepest dreams to come to life and it feels like something that I need a little more of this spring.

Last week I went through my wardrobe and all of my drawers and pulled out anything that I didn't love. I took some of the clothing along to a clothing swap with four fabulous girlfriends, which was a lot of fun. We each brought along clothing (and books and jewelry) that we knew wasn't right for us but which was still in great shape. Then, over a potluck dinner, we took turns holding up the clothes we had brought. There was much hilarity at the wildly inappropriate clothing choices we had all made at some point, but it almost always turned out that our clothing duds were someone else's clothing bonanza. I knew I didn't need new clothing so I went home with a couple of books and two irresistably good warm woolen jumpers. But another friend who is pregnant went home with a whole new wardrobe for her changing body shape. Sound good to you? Why not organise your own clothing or book swap with a few friends?

Yesterday I sorted and re-filed all the digital photos and documents on my computer and backed them up onto an external hard drive. It had been difficult to find the photos I wanted when I needed them and the big old mess of folders and images made me feel a bit overwhelmed whenever I looked at them. While I was doing that my boyfriend was clearing out, resorting and re-shelving all the books and CDs on the book shelves (he's a Virgo!). By the end of the day I was feeling decidedly light and clear-headed, a sure sign of some effective space-clearing.

Making space can take many forms. It might be as simple as clearing the piles of papers off the surface you use for your creative work. It could be as significant as letting go of a relationship which has become toxic. It might involve setting aside a day a week when you stay away from the internet, saying no to a request or taking ten minutes every day to sit in silence. You'll know where you need to clear space by paying attention to what makes you feel overwhelmed.

This week I plan to keep making space in my home by clearing out unloved or un-needed "stuff" and to make space in my heart by continuing to make time each day to sit in the quiet with myself. How about you?


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5 Responses to "Spring Cleanse: Week Three – Clearing Space"

  1. Amalam says:

    Hey sweetie
    I have been ‘kind of’ walking along with you on this cleanse. no quinoa etc, but here in Timor Leste, plenty of local organic veges fresh from the market. fresh coconut after my runs along the beachfront.
    whole oats, bananas and nuts and seeds – though whatever packaged imports from Australia I can find in the supermarkets this week – are delicious for breakfast.
    my morning coffee ritual which I love, I have not stopped, but promised myself to drink no more than one cup of coffee a day. strange: many days I simply dont feel the need of it after a few sips. though I always pour myself a cup, and enjoy the making, the pouring, the smell.
    cut out the glass of wine after work, or two glasses over dinner with friends during the week, and still enjoy a glass, maybe two, with friends on one weekend day.
    continuing to run, practice yoga 3 or 4 times a week.
    busy with work and social engagements the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve had less sleep than I would like most nights. usually by this time I would be feeling very tired, irritable, possibly a bit depressed.
    instead I am tired, but my energy levels are HUGE. I am alert, engaged. I am laughing.
    and clearing space? it is space for the ‘laughing buddha’. the space to practice patience in my work, refrain from measuring always against my own aspirations and expectations, with some surprising results! the space to enjoy the things I love doing for their own sake. to find the people to share those things with, and accept what they offer of themselves with not too much caution. the space to treat life lightly, to laugh, to have fun even with the serious stuff, to be curious instead of determined.
    I see no good reason to stop anytime soon, end of the month or no!
    oh, and: I have hardly seen them here in two years, but yesterday I came home from work to find a beautiful golden dragonfly in my house. how did he get in? Charmed by the visit, I opened the front door and continued preparing my fresh salad, and after a bit he found his way out 🙂

  2. Kara-Leah says:

    Yes, this pregnant friend definitely love the clothes swap. Nothing like getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.
    Plus there is something that binds friendship when you spot your previously loved item on a friend, and they’re digging it. Or when you wear something that used to belong to them as it makes you think of them every time you put it on.
    I’ve also done the computer file clean-up in the last week – feels so good!
    It is just so en-lighten-ing to get rid of stuff we don’t need anymore. Liberation indeed!

  3. JennyB says:

    So as I said on the “week two” post, since I started on October 5th, I am still in “week two” but I wanted to mention that I actually took it upon myself to purge a bunch of clothes and am working on getting through the “piles” of paperwork type stuff in my room in week one. So, I am on your wavelength! I will purge more this week and organize myself this week!

  4. Andi says:

    Sooo inspirational! After reading this I spent 3 hours listing stuff on Ebay. I think it’s essential to do life cleanses from time to time.

  5. When is the next post comming on this topic.

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