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Five really good things

Sunday, May 17, 2009 by Marianne Elliott

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Continuing the theme of adding a bit of structure around these parts, I'm planning to make the list of five really good things into a regular weekend feature. These lists are inspired by my home girl Swirly.

Five really good things for this week:

1. Over at Momma Zen, Karen Maezen Miller has reposted one of my all time favorite posts. What do Buddhists believe? It does not require my belief, it requires my practice. Simple.

2. Podcast with Seane Corn about Off the Matt and Into the World – a yoga program that aims to "inspire and guide you to find and define your
purpose and become active in your local or global community in an
effective, sustainable and joyful way" which is just my cup of peppermint tea!

3. Over at the Crazy Sexy Life blog,
Brian Fasset writes about a topic very dear to my heart – empowering
women, improving women's health and education. If the basic dignity of
every woman in the world isn't reason enough then how about this –
empower women and save the planet.

4. On the topic of writing and building an online "platform", Susan Schwartzman over at Writer Unboxed writes about promoting your book online. I'll be filing it for later reference.

5. Finally, laughter is an essential part of any cleanse, so I have to include this link. By far the funniest thing I came across this week. Laughed? I nearly split my tweeds!


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One Response to "Five really good things"

  1. [a} says:

    What a bunch of goodies! I adore the Buddhism link, because I’m interested in Buddhism..having come back from Japan, visited the temples, read the book of Buddha sayings..I like to think I’m practicing all I have learned, daily. And that link was a good good reminder of BASICS..basics are the hardest to master, no?

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