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Zen Peacekeeper.







Sacred Activism

Monday, September 15, 2008 by Marianne Elliott

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In keeping with the memory of Sister Paula, and the overall theme of "Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping" I found this quote in an email from my yoga teacher this morning:

"The one hope for the future lies, I believe, in Sacred Activism – the fusion of the deepest spiritual knowledge and passion with clear, wise, radical action in all the arenas of the world, inner and outer. We have very little time in which to awaken and transform ourselves, to be able to preserve the planet, and to heal the divisions between the powerful and the powerless. Let us go forward now with firm resolve and profound dedication."  –Andrew Harvey


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4 Responses to "Sacred Activism"

  1. Laini says:

    Hi Frida, this new site is wonderful. I just gave you an “I love your blog” award over at my blog. It’s kind of a tag thing, but please do not feel obliged to carry it forward. Just wanted to let you know. Oh, and I reposted one of your photos, with credit, but if you’d like me to take it down please let me know! Hope you are well,

  2. megg says:

    Well hi there!! I had no idea you were blogging again – I am SO glad to find out that you are!! I’ve missed reading your words. It is one of my sadnesses that you and I lost touch somewhere around your trip to CA (I know it was my doing and I am sorry about that!) I wish you all good things in this new endeavor! I look forward to having you stretch me again with your words and stories –

  3. Damon Lynch says:

    I’m going to take a somewhat skeptical view. Why would anyone consider “the deepest spiritual knowledge and passion” as standing apart from “clear, wise, radical action” to begin with? This is nothing new. Al Ghazali had a few things to say about this! As did Vivekananda, St Teresa of Avila, Gandhi, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, and so forth.
    There doesn’t need to be a fusion if they’re not falsely splintered apart at the outset.

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