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The radio interview

Friday, July 27, 2007 by Marianne Elliott

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My bunker – where I can hide if my boss doesn't like this interview

So this morning I got up and listened to the recording of my Radio New Zealand interview.

Here's how it went:

Me (live):"No! Don't say that!"
Me (recorded): "Sweetheart, I said this days ago, it's all on the record now and anyway – your parents have already heard this – no going back"
Me (live): "It's okay, you didn't say the incredibly stupid thing that it sounded like you were just about to say, carry on."
Me (live): "Oh, wait… No! What are you thinking? Don't say that!"

You get the picture.

But overall, I'm happy. The guy from the spokeperson's office at work had asked me to avoid criticism of the Government of Afghanistan (fine by me, they have enough knockers without me joining that party) and to avoid commenting on the overall success of the strategy in Afghanistan (again – fine by me – I'd only say something stupid and ill-informed anyway).

I think I stayed within the lines on that count, and I was happy that the interview sounded to me like someone talking about a place and people that she cared about. I was a little worried that this would come off too much "all about Me".

PS: Of course in the interview I use my real name and we talk about who I work for. These are not highly guarded secrets, but to avoid detection by the all-seeing eye that is Google, I'm going to continue avoiding using both here on the blog. I'd be grateful if you did too – Google can even see your comments. Mwahahaha (that's an evil laugh – eminating from Google)

I don't know how well the link I inserted above will work – if it doesn't then go directly to the Radio NZ podcast page, it should be there for a week from now.

Does anyone know how to put an actual podcast up here? So that it stays here even after it is removed from the RNZ site? I've seen it done elsewhere, with embedded players and everything – but I'm not too smart about that kind of stuff. Tips gratefully accepted.


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9 Responses to "The radio interview"

  1. megg says:

    I’m listening as I type – again – blown away by YOU and all that you have done and are doing – you are amazing. amazing. amazing. I liked hearing your voice too – oh, come back to visit Susannah soon so that I can play too!!

  2. [a} says:

    Awesome!! Definitely educational for me, about Afghanistan. Here in Islamabad, I’m staying at my aunt’s house, and her maid is actually an Afghani refugee. She has the most incredible life story, and because of your blog, and a bit of school research, I knew enough about her country to have some sort of opinion and perspective as we discussed it! It’s really interesting to know more about your job..
    Actually, there is a way you can stop your blog from appearing on search engines. You can paste the following tag in the “” of your html, on this blog’s template:

  3. [a} says:

    Oh sorry, the tag isn’t appearing for some reason. This link will explain it:

  4. megg says:

    P.S. I have tagged you – but then I think you have probably been tagged dozens of times! xo

  5. Gita Mann says:

    I think you sounded perfect. Measured, funny, deeply deeply thoughtful & far more caring about your environment, work-mates & town-friends than many others in the same job that I’ve heard interviewed over the years. I love you Frida World. Knowing and having friends like you gets me through these times xxx

  6. Wanda Martini says:

    So good to hear your voice, and I think i learnt more about what you are doing during that interview then during any conversation we have had while you’ve been there – i had to just listen and wasn’t busting to ask my next question.
    Stay safe and I can’t wait to see you again

  7. Mary says:

    Mary’s Mum said you were ‘riveting’.
    Mary said you were interesting, wise, realistic, clear and saucy to boot. Mary adds she was very, very proud and just a little tearful.

  8. Hi Frida, my good friend just sent me over to your blog to see if I can offer any tips on linking to your podcast. I record and produce one myself and post to it to my blog several times a month. I have a wordpress blog, however I believe that linking to an mp3 file will be universal. Basically, you can link to an mp3 file the same way you would link to any other source. Just offer instructions to your readers on how to download it if you’re a Mac or PC (you can see examples at my blog). If you want to insert an actual audio player in your blog post, which I also do, you probably want to research through Typepad help/information specifically how to do that.
    Hope this helps!

  9. Gita Mann says:

    Hey… I’ll try to figure it out. I should be able to get some sort of recording for you & send it as an MP3. I’m still in that building for another week so it’s the least I can do.

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