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A stroll around Chagcharan

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 by Marianne Elliott

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One of the things I love about living here is that it is safe enough to go for walks. I take one of the security guards with me and head out after work. Which is exactly what I did today. So…


…come for a walk with me (but first check out my cute red sofa in the background, I like it way too much)


A typical home in this neighbourhood.


This is how they are made.


And that's my house. The white building in the walled compound. If you squint then you might be able to see the wrecked Russian planes in the background. They are right outside our front gate, and right in front of the runway. Always a reassuring sight at an airstrip.

This guy was willing to interrupt his evening nap to pose for me.


Then, when I got home I bribed the wild kittens to hang out with me by giving them tuna.



Life is good.


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13 Responses to "A stroll around Chagcharan"

  1. Shaji.k says:

    Hi, A very interesting blog. Glanced over some of your entries the other day. Will return to read at leisure and savour the pleasure of your writing. Going out on walks in the evening, especially in an area with little vehicular pollution and noise is most enjoyable. Your pics capture the vibrance of the scene.Have a nice time. Shaji

  2. Frida- I have to say, you are one of my heroes. And yes, your red sofa is very cute! I love that you are in a “safe” place now and can walk about- it looks so interesting there… no, really, I mean that! I am so happy that you are finding a little more peace in your life right now- it must be catching!
    Love to you, sweetie…

  3. susannah says:

    OH, your beautiful face – i miss that face! and the kitties – i love that you are making friends 😉 I couldn’t have wished for better companions for you while you’re there… love you baby xo

  4. Imohena says:

    wow the space!!!looks delicious from my little London office. Lovely to take a walk with you Frida, great idea.

  5. Your face is so radiant and lovely:-)

  6. Margaret says:

    I love the couch. What is it about red couches? Mine is red too. Glad you are getting out and about and feeling safer. The kitten is adorable too. Thanks for the pictures. It helps for me to see where you are. You are doing great work, Frida. Take care of yourself and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

  7. mahima says:

    your couch sure looks cosy.
    and you look happy. i hope you are. and i hope everyday brings you something more to be happy and radiant about.
    this post is fascinating and it makes me imagine.

  8. mahima says:

    p.s. the true and the questions is at my art table..which, for me, is as good as my bedside. lol.

  9. susanna says:

    Wow. That was so interesting, Frida. What a Life you are living! Thanks for the tour. 🙂

  10. susanna says:

    PS -You look sooooo sweet wearing that scarf! And you such a beautiful smile.

  11. Paris Parfait says:

    You look so beautiful, Frida. And I’m so glad you’re able to take walks there. xo

  12. Frieda says:

    sometimes I wish, I had your life. May God continue to bless you, what a fine lady you are!

  13. Luxie says:

    What a wonderful amazing blog!
    This is my first time to read here and I am so grateful that I found this.

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