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Yoga retreat: Day Two

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 by Marianne Elliott

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I promised photos, and here they are…


My day today started with three hours of yoga and meditation from 6-9 am, then a delicious healthy breakfast, an hour by the pool and then visit to the "Wellness Sanctuary" for a steam, plunge and full-body massage combo. Divine.

After lunch (again, more of the yummiest healthy food I've ever had) I had a few hours of relaxing, and went for a walk to get these photos. The resort is incredibly beautiful, designed with subtlely and lots of style. In the afternoon we have another yoga session, then I went straight into the weirdest treatment I've ever had…

I know this should be a really funny story for a travel writer's piece on Koh Samui's cult of cleansing retreats. But I'm not that funny. The simple story is that I let a very sweet Thai woman insert a hose into my butt and pump water through me for almost an hour. It was not pleasant, it was not comfortable (neither in the physical nor psycho-social sense), and when I finally thought I was done that very sweet Thai nurse gravely informed me that my colon was indeed, still not entirely happy. She recommends at least one more "hydrotherapy session".


So – my apparently still grumpy colon aside – it was an exceptionally idyllic day, and perhaps I'll live to be very glad I gave myself a good wash out. In the meantime I'm off to recline and meditate on the joyfulness of being here. Then hopefully sleep like a baby ready for the 5.40am wakeup call for yoga tomorrow morning.


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8 Responses to "Yoga retreat: Day Two"

  1. ceanandjen says:

    You are brave to have done that “cleaning” session in the first place. 🙂
    Glad to hear that the retreat continues to be a gorgeous experience.

  2. tiny noises says:

    So peaceful sounding, so serene. So invasive! (but necessary and ultimately cleansing I hope).
    I think you picked the perfect RnR vacation. It looks amazing and sounds so life giving. You deserve all the pampering and relaxation and yummy, healthy food. Wish I was there with you!

  3. It sounds all so wonderful, Frida- and I am so glad that your expectations were spot-on!
    I have had maybe half a dozen colonics- me, probably the shy-est person there is, getting a tube stuck up her butt by a man no less! I agree- it was not comfortable. But after I got used to the idea and my colon did, too, I did feel better, inside and out! I haven’t gotten one in ages but I think it’s time.
    Here’s to a wonderful relaxing time ahead and a clean and happy colon!
    Love you, dear Frida! you deserve all this, you know!

  4. AnnieElf says:

    Colonic irrigations are not the most comfy thing to experience but I clearly remember my experiences back in the 70’s when it was new. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

  5. susanna says:

    Heavenly photographs, Frida! I’m so glad that you are in such a gorgeous setting. Not so sure that I’d try the hydrotherapy myself (you are way more adventurous than I am!) but I hope your colon is super happy after the second session!

  6. homeinkabul says:

    i had a moment where i thought, “is she going to put a picture of her colon?”
    now, THAT would be funny. 🙂
    sad to hear about your grumpy colon but SOOOOOO glad that you’re relaxing.

  7. Can you share the name and location of this retreat? It appears to be very good. Thanks.

  8. This actually all sounds fantastic!

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