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Malalai Joya suspended from Parliament

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 by Marianne Elliott

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A while ago I wrote about Malalai Joya – if you haven't followed that link to the website of her supporters then do so now. She is pretty impressive.
Yesterday her fellow members of the Wolesi Jirga (House of Representatives/Parliament) voted to suspend her membership of the house in response to an interview she had given to Tolo TV in which she apparently (I haven't heard it) made insulting comments about the Wolesi Jirga and it's members.
Here is the transcript of their debate and decision – you will note some strong and clear voices of reason but in the end the majority view won out:

And here are some extracts:

MP Hamidullah Tookhi (Zabul):

          MP Malalay Joya in her interview with Tolo TV insulted the National Assembly and the MPs. She should be legally prosecuted.


          I have not heard her interview is there any MP who heard her interview?

MP Amanullah Paiman (Badakhashan):

          I heard her interview, in her interview she used bad words against the MPs and called them as Cobras; she also called the National Assembly as a barn, she said that cows, donkeys and dogs were useful than the MPs.

          I cannot accept to sit with her under the same roof anymore.

          The WJ should decide on her today.

MP Khiyal Mohammad Husaini (Ghazni):

          There is no need for discussion, Malalay Joya has made shameful statements she should be expelled form the WJ.


          As I said I have not heard he interview.

          I think that the decision of the WJ should be based on law and there should be enough reasons for making a decision.

          In accordance with the WJ internal rules of procedure the administrative board has the right to take the following disciplinary actions against  MPs who violate the rules:

      1. Advice.
      2. Warning
      3. Publish their name in the WJ internal journal
      4. Deprive the member of participation in the session for one day.

          Deprivation of more than one day from participating of the sessions shall be proposed by the administrative board and approved by the session.

          There is nothing else in the WJ internal rules of procedure in this regard.

You see Qanooni was trying to maintain some sense of order here – but then things get, well, crazy

           MP Hamidullah Tookhi (Zabul):

          I doubt if Malalay Joya is normal, first she should be prohibited of leaving the country then she should be referred to a doctor and after treatment she should be legally prosecuted.

          Her issue should not be referred to the constitution or the WJ internal rules of procedure, she has insulted the MPs we should not waste the time we should decide on her now.

MP Mawlawi sheikh Ahmad (Faryab):

          I agree with What MP Eng. Asem said.

          Malalay Joya has committed a big sin from the shariah point of view and from the legal point of view she has committed a crime.

          There is no need for formation of a commission we should refer her case to the court right now.

And this:

MP Haji Almas (Parwan):

          The session right now should suspend her for one year and refer the case to the court.

MP Sadiqi Zada Nili (Daikundi):

          It should also be clear that what conspiracy is behind the statements of Malalay Joya and it should be found that who are behind her.

          She should be suspended and the countries that have good relations with Afghanistan should not grant visa for her.

Leading finally to this decision:


          According to the decision of the session, membership of MP Malalalay Joya was suspended for the remaining period of the National Assembly.

          Malalay Joya has insulted the National Assembly she should be referred to the judiciary organs.

          With effect from today Malalay Joya shall not be entitled of her salary and other privileges provided for MPs under the law.


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6 Responses to "Malalai Joya suspended from Parliament"

  1. megg says:

    yikes. I think I have to read that again and follow your link before I completely understand what all that was about!!
    (I hope that you are well!)

  2. Mardougrrl says:

    Oy. That just sounds…oy. I’ll need to read the link too.

  3. Frieda says:

    This is just amazing!!!! and typical of Middle Eastern culture. How they get bend out of shape over an “insult”? I guess you can kill but you can not insult with words!!!
    they are probably happy that she will not be in-their- faces anytime soon.

  4. Paris Parfait says:

    Infuriating. Tragic. Makes a mockery of Shariah law. Sigh.
    Here we go again: ignorance, oppression, poverty – and dare I say it – sexism – the roots of much unfairness.
    It’s enough to make you want to hide under the covers and not come out until sanity has been restored. xo

  5. susanna says:

    So much whining! And they are in politics?! Do they not realize that their own responses make them look like sulking eight-year olds? How do they expect to be taken seriously on an international level when their own actions are childish? (I am shaking my head in absolute amazement)

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