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Book II

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 by Marianne Elliott

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It doesn't seem right that the most exciting new book to be released this month is about women in Afghanistan, but it is not yet on sale here.

I first read about it on the Powell's bookstore online review, then my friend Home in Kabul raved about it here


If you ahven't already read Hosseini's first novel, The Kite Runner, then I recommend you do. In his new novel, however, Hosseini has taken on an even more challenging proposition – to write the story of women of Afghanistan without falling into the traps that so many before him have. I haven't read it, but if Home in Kabul loves it then I have a very, very good feeling about it.

Now I want to read it, now! But as far as I am aware this book is not yet for sale in Kabul. If anyone reading this knows of where I can get a copy please let me know. Alternatively, I'm going on holiday next Thursday and will pass through Dubai and Bangkok (on my way to a fabulous yoga, meditation and cleansing retreat in Koh Samui, mmmm). So if anyone knows of great English language bookstores in either city please give me the heads-up.

But if you are lucky enough to be able to walk down to a bookstore and buy this book then go do it, when your finished reading it maybe you can send it to me!


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10 Responses to "Book II"

  1. lacithecat says:

    Oh I am doing Africa at the moment, so don’t tempt me with Afganistan as well!
    Will pick it up if this contract comes through!

  2. homeinkabul says:

    Yes, yes, go and get the book in Bangkok, did you see the tips from Chaoyang on my blog?
    And I am so happy that you are going on a retreat.

  3. Frieda says:

    Funny you posted this today…because I got my copy today in the mail and I am going to see Khaled Hossienin in 2 weeks. He will be in my bookstore signing his book. I will send you a picture if you want. 🙂
    I have bloged about Kite Runner on my blog.

  4. tiny noises says:

    thanks for the tip–good luck finding this book on the way to your retreat! I can’t wait to hear about your yoga, meditation, and cleansing. thinking of you. . .x

  5. Can you believe I haven’t read The Kite Runner yet!? I can barley make it through books these days… I don’t know why…
    Thanks for the tip, Frida…

  6. susanna says:

    Wasn’t The Kite Runner heartwrenching and oh so good?! And now he has a new book? I’ll keep my eye out for it at our local bookstores. Thanks for the tip. And you are going to Dubai and then to Bankok?! Oh you lucky girl! Of course you deserve every moment of bliss at both places. I wish you many hours of relaxation, meditations and a nonstop flow of girlie drinks with pretty umbrellas!

  7. AnnieElf says:

    Well, this was the push I needed to finally read The Kite Runner. Yet another book to read. **sigh**

  8. They have Kinukoniya (large and nice) on Suhkumvit Road, Bangkok. Also, the chain Asia Books, all over the city, has a collection of Asian-interest books.

  9. Paris Parfait says:

    I ordered this book, but can’t bring myself to read it quite yet. This is my “escapist reading” week, as the news is so distressing it makes me want to weep in despair. If you email your snail mail address, I will send you some books and goodies from Paris. xo

  10. amystery says:

    Did you find it? If not, I would be happy to mail you my copy. I’m reading it now, but I’m sure I will be done quite quickly!

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