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Another way to tell you all about Frida

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 by Marianne Elliott

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Thanks to Mardougrrl for this link, it was fun and made a nice break after a long day in a meeting about civilian casualities from ISAF operations in Afghanistan. More about that after I've had a bit more sleep…


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7 Responses to "Another way to tell you all about Frida"

  1. Hey, that was cool, Frida! Hope you are able to get some good rest…

  2. Di says:

    Hey thanks … I loved this 🙂

  3. sophie says:

    I loved this – shall have to try it:)

  4. Margaret says:

    That was fun. We have the same taste in art by the way.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Fri! I love this and I had to go get mine too… It’s so fun! Thank you for sharing it. By the way… Sorry I’ haven’t been visiting enough. I’m brewing so many new ideas and keeping busy & away from the computer lately. Love the new “books section”. You’ll have to let me know more about “Open Secrets: Stories”… Looks good! 😀

  6. Paris Parfait says:

    Ooh, this was fun! Must check out the link. Hope you’re having a calmer time of it these last couple of days. xo

  7. Goatse says:

    Not one ngo harmed by the ISAF and you found pretty pictures on the internets.. Those who died never had the chance to go to a gender policy conference, but they were no less human because of that.

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