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Zen Peacekeeper.







Taking Care. Being Well. Thriving.

This is all about making sure that you (or your staff) are in the best shape you can be to do your thing in the world. It’s about making your life and work sustainable.

How can we work together?

Yoga coaching

Yoga was traditionally taught one on one. Classes are wonderful for maintaining your own practice once you know what works for you, but the best way to be introduced to yoga is through individual coaching. If we work together one on one I can find the practices that suit and serve you best.

Yoga coaching rates: $100 for the first session and development of personal practice, $70 for follow up sessions. This service is offered both in person and online/distance (using videos).

“Honestly, you couldn’t have known my entire history and written a better yoga program for me there.  When I first did [the pose], I honestly almost cried.  I’ve NEVER come across that before in any of my classes or books and it’s EXACTLY what I need.” Cath, online/distance yoga client

Staff wellness and sustainability support for organizations

When you start working on the really important stuff, it can take it’s toll on your staff. They are passionate about your cause and committed to their work. Sometimes they forget to eat, sleep and exercise. Often they even forget to breathe. I’m passionate about supporting people in the humanitarian, service and social sectors to maintain their own well-being while they change the world. I can help you find ways to support your staff to take better care of themselves.

Staff welfare consulting and coaching rate: $100 per hour or $500 per day plus expenses.

Custom yoga and well-being classes and workshops

As a way to support the well-being of their staff, many organizations are now offering regular on-site yoga classes or special yoga workshops for their staff.

I also teach group yoga and run specialised yoga and well-being workshops. Examples of topics for yoga and well-being workshops include:

  • Yoga for Stress Relief
  • Yoga for People Who Sit at a Desk/Use a Computer All Day
  • Yoga for Back Pain
  • Yoga for Relaxation

The cost for a custom yoga class for your group or event varies depending on duration, number of people and location. Get in touch to find out more.

‘Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping’ workshops

Sometimes when we find our purpose and our unique role in the world we get very busy doing what we were born to do. It’s fantastic, but sometimes you forget to eat, sleep and exercise. You work until you collapse. Maybe you absorb the pain of the people you are working to help. Maybe you feel sad, angry, hopeless, or simply exhausted.

The ‘Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping’ series of online workshops includes a workshop focused on helping you identify the well-being practices that will sustain you, keep you grounded and well, while you do your unique thing in the world.

To be among the first to know when a ‘Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping’ workshop will be offered, follow me on Twitter and/or sign-up to my mailing list.

30 days of yoga

30 days of yoga is my unique package to get you started or restarted with yoga at home. It’s a customised yoga video for you PLUS 30 days of support and encouragement to establish your own regular practice. Find out more here.

“If you want to do Yoga at home, Marianne is your girl… Wow Marianne, this Yoga routine is blowing my socks off.” Melanie

Off the Mat: Yoga in Action

I’m also the New Zealand leader for the awesome Off the Mat, Into the World organization and I lead seven week Yoga in Action courses throughout New Zealand – read more here.

Community yoga classes

I also teach community yoga classes in Wellington, New Zealand. Find more information about yoga classes here.

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