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I know need this now because I don’t have time for it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by Marianne Elliott

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Today one of my 30 Days of Yoga graduates wrote a post explaining why she’s signing up again for the course starting next Monday. She wrote:

I need this right now. Because I don’t have time. Because I’m too tired to make the effort on my own. Because I feel weak and I know it’ll hurt. These aren’t excuses not to take care of myself, these are reasons I need to.

Which is pretty much exactly how I felt about going to yoga class today.

I’m in San Francisco at the moment, spending a couple of days in the city I think of as my second home (well, actually that would be Oakland, but San Francisco comes a close third) on my way back to New Zealand from New York.

This afternoon for various reasons (including a sh*@load of travel in the past week, an unrealistic work plan for the morning, a bit of sleep deprivation and forgetting to eat lunch) I felt like I had more to do than I could possibly get through. Despite a sense of rising panic at my lack of progress on the to-do list, I rushed into the city for a meeting at Off the Mat, Into the World.  As I left, I noticed there was a yoga class about to start at Om Power yoga – right at the bottom of the building.

And because I felt sure I didn’t have time for the class, I decided to stay. I borrowed a mat, bought a new sports bra (I needed one anyway) and slipped into the back of the class just a few moments before the opening OM.

I knew I needed it because I didn’t have time for it. A sure sign that I really need a walk is when I feel way too busy to go for a walk. And when I’m too busy to do yoga, well – that’s when I need it the most.

So for the next hour I had forgot about my to-do list. The teacher was wonderful. She had put together a lovely sequence of poses that opened up all sorts of pockets of travel tightness in my body. Her play list made me smile and her jokes made me laugh. The pace of the class was perfect for me, slow enough to find alignment and breath in each pose but smooth enough to feel a sense of dance in the movements. The room was light warm, and spacious. And when I left I felt renewed, reminded why I do yoga – and why I teach it.

And I was also reminded that the times when we are convinced we are too busy to take care of ourselves are the times we need it the most.

I know that sometimes you really don’t have the time (or the money) to go to a yoga class.

But I also know you can learn how to do your own simple, short but powerful yoga practices at home. Ten minutes of energizing poses in the morning. Five minutes of grounding practice in the middle of a crazy day. Fifteen minutes of relaxing yoga before bed. When you don’t have time for yoga, I’ve made it my mission to help you find time – and find an approach to yoga that will fit into your life, your day.

My 30 Days of Yoga for People Too Busy To Do Yoga course begins next Monday. My mission with this course is to prove you are never too busy to do yoga. To do that I’ve created yoga practices you can do anywhere at all (including invisible, stealthy yoga practices you can do without your cubicle mates even knowing), practices you can do at your computer (although we do encourage leaving the computer if possible) and short, simple sequences of poses you can do in the morning and evening.

If you are too busy for yoga right now, then this is the perfect time for 30 Days of Yoga for People Too Busy To Do Yoga. Join me, and I’ll show you how to fit yoga into your busy life.

PS: My standard 30 Days of Yoga, and Beginners 30 Days of Yoga also start on Monday.


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